Why and How should I register my Car Seat

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Being a First time Mom my motive is to give my daughter everything possible inclusive of safety. Her safety is also important for me like any other mom in this planet. Car Seat is an important factor for the babies to be Safe in Car while we drive. Have read that, for every 30 Seconds some child under the age of 13 is involved in a car crash. So its duty of the parents to get a good car seat and do regular check.  I’ll speak about the Car Seat Checks in my other post. Now Let’s concentrate why and how to register our Car Seat.

            Its an important task of the owners to register the Car Seat with the manufacturers. It’s the duty of the manufacturers to send mails to the owners if something is recalled or some technical issues occurs or if the seat is expired. So the owners are responsible to register the car seat as well as update the information now and then so the manufacturers can be in touch with the customers.

How to Register?:

      It’s very easy to do. I am pleading the parents to register the car seat only for the parents to learn the moves of the manufacturers. It might be their call to recall the car seat or to get a remainder on the car seat being expired.

       The car seat can be registered ONLINE with the manufacturer or

      MODEL NUMBER and DATE OF MANUFACTURE is required to register the car seat.

 These data can be found either on the registration card we received along with the car seat or from the label stuck on the car seat.

These can be done ONLINE or fill the Registration card and send it through mail. Postage is not required as it’s already been done.

What if I got a pre-loved Car Seat?

            The answer to this question is even if it’s a pre-loved one registering the Car Seat is mandatory. Register the Car seat with the details available on the label stuck in the car seat and if you are unable to see the details I would suggest my followers to replace with a new one as the safety of the child is important.

Resources can be found here where the Government has given a brief explanation on the importance and procedure to register if you want the specific brand’s link.


Whatever the Scenario is I would suggest you all to register your Car Seat as it’s mandatory for the safety of our Future Generation.

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