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About AMS Mission and Statement is an online resource for moms, Muslimahs/non-muslimahs, and bloggers who want to feel empowered and live a better life. My goal is to present my tips in a simple and a practical way for a more wholesome life with less overwhelm and more time for what really matters.

Why Do This Alone?

Mom life is too much of detailing. There is no specific guide to the parenting. This can be so isolating! You don’t need to do it alone. Find the support you need from a fellow Mommy through regular newsletters, spiritual reminders, coaching, ebooks, social media, and digital products. AMS is one of the websites which has some difference in strategy used. That’s why you are here Alhamdulilah.

About the Author

Salma Mehajabeen- Founder, Content Creator.

Mommyblogger, wife, and mommy to a 2 year old. I am thankful to Almighty Allah for His endless mercy and infinite blessings each day. I am basically a biomedical Engineer which led me to co-author a book on Electronics for Class XI vocational book. This is one of my achievements. I was an orator in schools and college days. I have done few talk shows in leading Tamil Channels.

Currently, I reside in Atlanta, with my family. Once my visa status changes I am planning to expand my blog with few other stuffs where I could earn for my living in shaa allah.

I began AMS in 2016 officially with my daughter It’s really tough to keep up with the website as I am learning the basic concepts and implementing them in it. With the difficulties I am able to achieve something like mental peace with this.Of course, nothing is possible without all my loyal subscribers and readers – may Allah SWT bless them for their support all through these years, aameen.

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Peace & Love,

Salma Mehajabeen Shajahan

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Guest Post Contributors

Contributors who share valuable advice and inspiration with us. I am so thankful for their efforts – may Allah Reward them. (I am currently accepting the contributions for my blog).

I’m Salma Mehajabeen Shajahan aka alizehmysoul. I’m a parent of a 2 year Old, a mommy blogger, author, designer, and busy mom like you. Welcome to a place which supports mommies in their spiritual, motherhood, and parenting tips. Join me for  amazing free gifts only for AMS members. 2019 is the year of exciting new products being launched on AMS. Join the mommyhood and never miss an update or freebie. Connect with me anytime at I’d LOVE to hear from YOU!

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