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Am I a perfect Mom or a Good Mom?

I read, researched a lot when I understood that I was expecting our first born. Looked at famous Pinterest blogs and imagined I should be the Perfect Pinterest Mom doing activities with my child and keeping her strong enough to face the world. Like my mama said always, I will raise my child as an obedient, disciplined one. Subhanallah but if you are here to get advice from me on raising a toddler to read a book on own or choose a book instead of the screens,or eat the veggies as their favourite meal without showing faces then you aren’t at the right spot here. Yes I did baby-led weaning and my daughter ate everything offered to her till she reached 3 and then everything changed upside down. Now we cry the moment we see the plate filled with veggies, rice and meat. Waiting patiently for the right time so that she can enjoy her meal,in shaa allah.

Since I am a mommy blogger it doesn’t mean my kids should be perfect and I should be a perfect mom. I love my daughter and she loves me. We cuddle a lot and we know to create memories rather than memorizing stuffs. I love her enough that I don’t force her to do a task or complete the task assigned to her. My parenting is based on child-led.

So now let’s come back to our Query! Are you a Perfect mom? Or should I ever be a perfect mom? No I am not a perfect mom but being a good one is foremost important.

I Love her company and so does she

From the moment she wakes up we enjoy our company with each other. We cuddle, we hug and say love you. We are going slow in all the tasks. Our colouring isn’t perfect and our drawings isn’t but still we love each other. I don’t shout at her or yell at her for not being studious whereas her friends parents expect their kids to study. You might think I am trying to be a cool mom. No I am not but instead trying to gain her trust, which is what needed in our relationship. I was proud and still I am proud rethinking of a conversation my husband shared with me regarding the conversation between my daughter and my husband where she had told her dad that mama will be proud to see her drawing. Yes I felt proud on the confidence she had in me.

Papa ke Chamchi-humour is allowed

After our stay in India without her dad she started missing him a lot and I started calling her Papa ke Chamchi (Papa’s pet literally means can’t be without that person.) But the fact is she can’t be without both of us. eventhough she is independent for her age we made sure we will be together no matter what. It’s duty of both the parents to witness the growing stage of the kids and only we give them a lovely peaceful environment they will grow up strong emotionally. During the bedtime we make sure we cuddle each other so that we sleep on time.

I am seriously good enough in Housekeeping

Sometimes my laundry will be piled up and unfolded for weeks and sometimes the floors will be cleaned. You can’t expect a clean home always but our home will be clean and perfect for the Dawats. We welcome the uninvited guests with few toys on the ground at times whereas a few times too much of stuffs filled in a living room yet we enjoy our time in creating memories which is much needed one at the moment.

Good with Nutrition

Subhanallah Whatever my condition maybe I make sure I cook atleast 2 times a day and compensate with fruits as my doll loves eating fruits as of now. I really don’t like batching cooking which isn’t suitable for my family. I am happy and good enough in making quality fresh meals from scratch.

and the list goes on and on…..

So share with me whether you are a good mom or a perfect mom??

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