What’s need and the ways to record Women’s history of our Own Family

Women’s history month has been celebrated in the month of March since 1987 annually and serves to pay tribute to the generations of women whose commitment to nature and the planet have proved invaluable to society. It’s really important for children to learn about the great hurdles women have and continue to overcome. I thought it would be good for our family to honor our women in the family first and so we are planning to collect history of our family women first.
Before going into this let me discuss the need for the celebration
  1. Young Girls can feel enthusiasm and appreciate the empowerment the women of their family had!
  2. Young boys can appreciate
  3. History of our family needs to be carried and not erased
So to celebrate women’s history month let’s take our time to record our family’s women history

Let’s record our family’s women history

March is national women’s history month and I feel this is the perfect time to record our family’s women history. Let’s get to know about our mothers, grandmothers, aunties, great aunts sisters great grandmothers in our own family

Resources for the recording

As you are reading this I am sure you would like to participate in this project and you are unsure of how to start? Here are some great resources you can use to begin
  1. Write down the available history like you would literally know about your mom, aunt and grandmom
  2. Get the details of your great grandmom from your grandmom or mom
  3. Have your kids interview their grandmom!
  4. Include the men in the family too for sure they would know about the history of their mom, grandmom and aunt!
  5. Let’s write our own history with the (help of these questions if you need )
  6. Record each and every big moment in your family as well as don’t leave a small detail too as it might reveal more fun stories too
  7. Let the kids analyze the difference between the women’s lives then and now!
  8. They might even write the stories about the things they might experience which they liked in their mom’s life or an aunt’s life or someone of that matter
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