I am Turning 30! Al hamdulilah!! Wanna know why it’s awesome to be in 30’s?

Today I am turning 30 years old. It’s really hard to accept the truth but the fact is I have completed 1/3rd of my life. Kids calling me dhidhi to aunty made me realize I am growing old but still when I am hitting the 30’s it hurts; but I am grateful that almighty has blessed me this beautiful life with a beautiful family, Al hamdulilah

Entering 30 is a  Tough age for a women, and I started realising when I hit my  29 years 8 months. The truth is I am getting older and I can’t travel back to my 20’s. I am in a stricter timeline now. Couldn’t have control in few events  which have happened in life. Realised the fact only when I wasn’t able to carry my baby without a carrier and it literally hurted me badly. Due to the ageing I lost the balance and made me think to start being active and eat a balanced diet for a healthy life style in shaa Allah.


Now I am going to pen down why 30s is awesome.

It’s a Milestone

Being a mommy of babyA if i speak in their  terminology  it’s a big milestone everyone has to acheive 😉 If  I am 30; I have lived so many years tasted all the positive and negative situations. Life would have taught me lessons with almighty z grace.

I am going to be more confident

I wanted to write since long but started this journey only in my late 20s as I had a thought what will my friends say what will my relatives  think of me? I was thinking about them and took a decision till now. But now going to enter my 30s I can decide with more confidence. I can understand who am i? And work on it.

Have lived in a Pre-Digitalized Era

I have lived in a time where the internet was booming, paper books, literally to say an era before digitalisation. Have seen floppy disks, cd players etc. I can share stories with my future generation regarding this.

30 is the time to say Thank you to your body and concentrate on health
I have literally not taken care of my health ate and slept and lead my life. It’s literally an opportunity to thank my body. This 30 has made me realised i need to be strong enough and healthy to take care of my lo. When she asks me to pick up and walk i get tired. So eating healthy and concentrating on walking and being fit is the option left in front of me. So with a group of my friends we have started to care about ourselves. Fingers crossed and I hope il acheive the milestone.

To try out the adventures

Till now I didn’t find an opportunity to try out snorkelling, paragliding,  etc hoping to check my bucketlist with pride in shaa Allah


To be more thankful to almighty

In shaa allah will be working more on my spirirual skills too so that i can be with my family in jannah and stay a real life in joy in shaa Allah

I have no qualms about leaving my 20s. I enjoyed them to the core. Spent a happy life wirh my mom dad and sibblings and entered a new family in my 20s and a cute bundle of joy was gifted by almighty in my 20s. Have to live for my doll in my 30s in shaa Allah.

Since I am growing a one year older it doesn’t mean I am going to loose all the fun. I am thankful to achieve this and it’s a previlige to be in 30’s in shaa Allah
It’s going to be another day with the plan almighty has made. Life is with responsibility and miracles al hamdulilah. This is my third birthday with my doll Al hamdulilah  [one inside the womb and two outside] waiting to hear her wishes this time too! First birthday with baby she kicked inside the womb to wish me Al hamdulilah and the next birthday she nursed to convey her wishes and hoping to get a wish in a special manner this year in shaa allah!!
Hoping to check the bucketlists on!! Bring it On  30!!!
Happy birthday to me!!! Mommy of babyA😉


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