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Travel Tips for the Holiday Season with a Toddler

The holiday season is arriving where few families might plan for travel! This travel might be a cakewalk for some whereas it might be a trip filled with experiences such as meltdown, headaches etc.,
When we went for short flight trips BabyA was happy and I was able to manage her schedule based on the flight trip! In shaa allah have hopes that our journey will be relaxing in the future too!
These tips which I share here are experienced in person so obviously it would be helpful for many around! The journey will be easier for the parents as well as kids!

Tips on Packing

Being a mommy of a toddler I group the attires and pack! Mostly these are mix and match stuffs as she can decide on her stuff like what she needs to wear for the day!
When she was a baby I would group her stuff in a zipper bag labeled for the day so I would be comfortable in deciding her stuff for the day and live in peace without confusions!
Since we travel in flights for our ease I do pack 2 to 3 dresses for all three of us for emergency purpose. It includes socks too.
  • Write those “last-minute” items on a sticky note and place them on the suitcase to check off before leaving: medicines, chargers, camera & batteries, etc.
  • Before leaving, make sure to tuck in several empty grocery bags into a pocket of the suitcase. These are a great item for collecting the trash during the travel

Travel tips : Car

  • Get the car kit ready for kids like books, stickers, activities for the kids to work on, puzzles. Main motive is to keep them busy the whole journey!
  • Keep the Car Survival Kit in handy. To know more about it please do go through the link
  • Keep the phones charged and have a car compatibility charger in hand so that it helps you in the trip.
  • Save few games on iPad/tablets and few stuffs which your kid might like it for the free hours.
  • Work on your family game or song for the travel to keep them engaged.
  • Keep a special belonging of your kid with you so she/he can snuggle during the trip and feel at home and enjoy the ride.

Travel tips : Flight

  1. Ask in check-in if you can get an extra seat which can be used as spare ones . If lucky you can even get 2 seats and kids can sleep in peace.
  2. If you are with a stroller you get the family line/vip line and cross the security Check without delay.
  3. Try to avoid liquids during the security check. If you have you will have to go in for liquid tests. I usually don’t carry anything with me so we clear the security without delay.
  4. At the terminal don’t think kids will keep quite and stay at one spot. Be mentally prepared to run behind them so dress accordingly and carry baggage accordingly. It’s good they do the gross motor skills by running, walking around etc so that as soon as they board the flight they might sleep.
  5. I usually board late as if we board early we will have to keep them quite early. Entertaining them would be a tougher task.
  6. Try to carry your busy bags with you to keep them engaged.
  7. Ask the cabinet crew if they have toddler kit. They usually have them .
  8. Gift wrap few stuffs and give the kids to open during the travel as that joy is completely different.
  9. Engage them by speaking to them. Introduce the cabin crew to the kids. Speak a lot about the air trip and keep them ready.
  10. Have lots of snacks with you and order stuffs for the trip
  11. Have the busy bag ready for the kids
  12. Keep the familiar comforts like the snuggle pillow, blanket , favorite toy to deal the trip
  13. Keep the first aid in hand for emergency
  14. Sleep well when the baby sleep as you need the energy to handle the toddler.
Preparation matters a lot! Being prepared will give you less complications and you can enjoy the holiday season with the family!


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  1. Jameela says:

    Excellent tips for travelling with toddlers. Travelling with teenagers – now that’s a whole new experience!
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  2. Although am not a mum yet, but thanks for sharing these great tips 🙂

    1. alizehmysoul says:

      glad you liked it. Please do share if you feel your friends circle will get benifited out of

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