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Covid19-Mommying Tip #1: Managing coronavirus anxiety

Covid19 has become a threat to everyone in the world. Those of you who follow me would have known that I rebranded my blog to include about the mental health in my niche. I didn’t expect such an unprecedented situation of pandemic stress.

How has Covid19 changed our plans?

With a toddler, I am immersed in an anxiety just like you all with the upsetting situation. When this situation broke out we wanted to bring in in-laws to celebrate Ramadan and Eid with us this year. We were counting our days in joy all excited to welcome them. He is the best planner and Almighty had other plans for all of us. Subhanallah.

I always admire one thing both in my mother as well as my mother-in-law; whatever be the situation they will just to go with the flow. Their policy is to not to think about the past. Not to overthink on any issue.

I get DM’s overflowing in my social media handles to know about our safety. I am grateful for this Alhamdulilah. Many ask for the suggestions to stay/keep active with the kids. This will help all of us to look back. I am planning to write one tip per day till I can In shaa allah!

Set Mini-Goals

Set Mini-goals during the Covid19 phase!

The lonliness or the thought which asks us to stay indoors gives panic attack. Eventhough we can take the fresh air by opening up the windows we feel stressed. To overcome this Let’s commit ourselves in doing something productive everyday. It might be washing your hands or learning a new skill or a shower or reworking on your hobbies. Anything which makes you feel lighted. To create a sense of accomplished and satisfied before you lie down to sleep. This can be a prayer for the current situation or seeking forgiveness to almighty.

To start off I have promised myself to write atleast one tip till things take a right turn and become normal.

For the tamil speakers a video of Dr.Salha Sabeeha Shajahan on the Myths and Facts- Covid19!

Hoping you are all safe and well. Please feel free to reach out to me via email (

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You can use this time to spend more time with your kids by using our resources from the resource library


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