The Best Kept Secrets about Babywearing

Al hamdulilah for the fact I was and I am still in baby wearing world. When people see me wearing my 2 year old they mock at me and think I am insane to carry my 2 year old. No one thinks it’s easy to get connected with the child. It has done its part pretty well not only for my family but also for many families. Even dads have got a reason to carry their kid in a stylish way. They get their bond and get the snuggles of the baby! Maa shaa allah! I will share some secret about the world of babywearers!
With the baby wearing we were able to breastfeed our kids in public without letting others know we are nursing! It has also helped my daughter sleep for hours while I was traveling, or doing some other chore! When I was new to US I was able to vacuum the home with my daughter. We used to go for long walks by baby wearing. Now I am going to share about the best kept secrets that only the baby wearing community knows of.
When I discuss about babywearing to my friends or to a new mom they say they can start using babywearing only from 3 months or so! But they don’t understand the fact that WE CAN WEAR OUR BABY since day 1 of the baby entering the world.
According to the public the baby carrier is only pictured with the buckles and they would like to invest either in the first cry product or the ones which are non- ergonomic. When they ask me the price of the carrier they get shocked. But no one understands the safety factor.
Only the babywearing community can differentiate between the ergonomic and non- ergonomic carriers. Babywearing world is like an ocean the more you enter in the more knowledge you receive on it. Could you believe we have a babywearing library in each part of the country and there are many facebook groups who speak only about babywearing. They do conduct competitions, courses on babywearing. There are many babywearing educators who have taken this profile as their career. Isn’t cool to hear more about it? I have made many good friends through babywearing.
Facebook plays a major role in these babywearing world. These groups are based on the geographic location for the ease of the parents to meet in person.If you can find the baby wearing group in your area, they meet regularly and you can pretty well go for advice and try different styles of carriers from the library. I have used almost 25 carriers from the library and there are thousands of ergonomic brands in the market right now. Most groups even allow buying, swapping and selling of carriers in their groups. The library does auction at times to get rid of the gently used carriers.
The carriers are always considered as their kids. When they are not in use they usually sell them so that the carrier could get a good home! It needs the bond and family to be in.
There is a big market for second hand carriers and the reason for this is partly because most slings/wraps get softer with age/ more wear which is called breaking in. People even go for seconds when they have a longing for the particular design, which might have gone out of the market.Please do join the Facebook groups on the babywearing where you get to see the squish pictures and the different kinds of carriers. I bet you would get tempted to get all the wraps/slings/carriers.
Can you believe there are 1000s of bloggers who are dedicated only to babywearing. Their posts will be only on babywearing. You will be tempted to get more kids just for the love of babywearing 😛
Do you know why babywearing becomes a negative news at times? This is just because without understanding what babywearing is people get non-ergonomic carriers. You must be properly educated on the procedure of babywearing. When wearing your baby, you need to remember TICKS at all times and this is:
  • Tight
  • In view at all times
  • Close enough to kiss
  • Keep chin off chest
  • Supported back.

I do own a Ring sling and a full buckle carrier and my favorite is a Ring sling which is easy to get in and out.
Now since you know the sneak peek of the best keeps of babywearing you guys will be tempted to try the ergonomic carriers. Can you believe I have done few crazy things for the love of babywearing and you can check them here for more fun and temptation!
Lots and lots of babywearing dust and love!!


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  1. Great post sister!

    I didn’t know that babywearing was a thing (shows how little I know about parenting).

    It’s very interesting to read your passion on the subject.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂
    Khadijah recently posted…Which Deeds Are Best Kept Secret In Islam?My Profile

  2. I was never a baby wearer but was always a baby carrier. I carried my baby everywhere. My husband was the baby wearer, he loved it.
    Jameela recently posted…Welcoming An Intensive Care NewbornMy Profile

    1. alizehmysoul says:

      Maa shaa allah you were a baby carrier

  3. A very interesting read! My youngest son is nearly 5 now. This term “babywearing” is the first I’ve heard. Too bad i couldn’t try it! I was waiting for a pic and finally got to saw one after reading your long post! . I’ve seen this type in African mum’s tying their babes around doing all kinds of stuff! Pretty cool. Great post and makes me wanna turn back time to try it

    1. alizehmysoul says:

      Thanks for your sweetwords!! Even I have few such stuffs in my mind wanting to try!!

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