Tamil Poems which we enjoy- Part 2


As I got a good response for the Tamil Rhymes which I posted few days back and people kept on asking for rejuvenating their good memories back  in their school days  I am adding few more stuffs to the list! Do check and share if you like them. If your kids enjoy these rhymes do share with us on our social pages!




kaakka kannukku mai kondu vaa

kuruvi kondaikku poo kondu vaa

kokke kuzhandhaikku paal kondu vaa

kiliye kuzhandhaikku then kondu vaa



Crow, bring kajal for the eyes

Sparrow, bring flowers for the bun!

Crane, bring milk for the baby

Parrot, bring honey for the baby


2.Kaiveesama kaiveesu

Kai veesamma kai veesu

Kadaikku pogalam kai veesu

Mittai vaangalaam kai veesu

Methuvai thinalam kai veesu

Sokkai vaangalaam kai veesu

Sogusai podalam kai veesu

Kovilukki pogalam kai veesu

Kumbitu varalaam kai veesu



Swing your hands, my sweet girl, swing your hands

Let’s go to the shop, swing your hands

Let’s buy candy, swing your hands

Let’s eat it slowly, swing your hands

Let’s buy clothes, swing your hands

Let’s wear them gladly, swing your hands

Let’s go to the temple, swing your hands

Let’s pray and come back, swing your hands


3.Nila Nila Odi Vaa

Nila, Nila, Odi Vaa

Nillaamal Odi Vaa

Malai Mela Eri Vaa

Malligai Poo Kondu Vaa.





Moon, Moon, come running towards me.

Come without halting

Climb over the mountain,

Bring me a Jasmine Flower



Saaindhaadamma saaindhaadu

Saayakilliye saaindhaadu


Thithikkum thene saaindhaadu

Thevittadha tamizhe saaindhaadu


Mayile kuyile saaindhaadu

Maadapuraave saaindhaadu


Kattikarumbe saaindhaadu

Kaaichiyapaale saaindhaadu


Kuthuvillakke saaindhaadu

Kutti nilave saaindhaadu



Rock baby rock

Rock my colorful parrot

Rock sweet honey

Rock insatiable Tamil

Rock my peacock, my cuckoo

Rock my dove

Rock my sweet sugarcane

Rock my boiled milk

Rock my lamp

Rock my little moonView


5.Tho Tho Naaikutty

Tho tho naaikutty

Tulli vaa vaa naaikutty

Unnai tana naaikutty

Odi vaa vaa naaikutty

Kaluthil maniyae katuvaen

Kariyum sorum poduvaen

Eravil ingae thangidu

Engal veetai kaathidu



Tho tho Puppy

Come running puppy

Hop and come towards me puppy

calling you puppy

come running puppy

will tie a bell on your neck

will give you meat and food

sleep with us in the night

and guard our home!!

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