Tamil Poems which we enjoy- Part 1

BabyA has the liking for Tamil language as her parents Al hamdulilah! Who will say no to such a wonderful language which is connected to the soul of our lives? When she was in my womb I read lot of Tamil articles maybe she got the interest from them! But now we sing a lot together in Tamil to be stable in this language! So here’s a list of rhymes we sing together

1.Amma ingae vaa vaa

We started with this song and she can say the first verse on her own and the beauty is she knows to change the words when her dad is nearby she will sing appa ingae vaa vaa!! Maa shaa allah!!
amma ingae vaa vaa!
aasai mutham thaa thaa!
ilaiyil soru pottu,
eeyai thoora oattu!”
unnai pondra nallaar
ooril yaavar ullaar
ennaal unakku thollai
ethum inge illai
aiyam indri solluven
Otrumai enbathu balamam
oathum seyale nalamam
avvai sonna mozhiyaam
ahde enakku vazhiyaam
Mama please do come here
Give me a lovable kiss
Serve the food on the banana leaf and
Swat the flies away
Good soul like you
Who is in town?
No harm/ disturbance due to me
I can say in confidence
Unity is strength
Advising is for welfare
this was prescibed by avvaiyar (tamil poet))
and this will be our way of living

2.Dosai amma dosai

Dosai amma dosai
neyyila sutta dosai
arisi maavum, ulundhu mavum,
kalandhu sutta dosai
appavukku anju
ammavukku naalu
annanukku moonu,
akkalukku rendu
paappavukku onnu
thinna thinna aasai
innum kettal poosai!”
“Dosa mama dosa
Dosa made with ghee!
rice flour, urge flour,
mixed to cook the dosa
5 for dad
4 for mom
3 for brother
2 for sister
1 for baby
if someone asks for more
they get a scolding”
This is wonderful one to introduce numbers and reverse counting!! Such a wonderful folk rhyme

3.Maambalam maambalam

maambazhamam maambazham
malgova maambazham
Salethu maambazham
thithikkum mambazham
azhagana mambazham
alwa pondra mambazham
ungalukku venduma?
ingu odi vaarungal
pangu poattu thinnalaam!”
“Mango, Mango!
Malgova Mango
Mango from Salem
Very sweet Mango
luscious mango
Halwa like mango
Would you like to have some?
Come running here
We’ll share and eat!”
Mango is one of the sweetest fruits in the fruit family! This rhyme is used to introduce the mangoes to the kids and to introduce the concept of sharing and caring!!

4. Kuthu Song

Amma Kuthu
Gumma Kuthu
Paati kuthu
Peran kuthu
Pillayar kuthu
Pidichiko kuthu…
This is sort of game rhyme where the kid is introduced to the members of the family and the concept of light punch!! The kid has to catch the punch given by the members of the family!
Mom punch
Gummu punch
Grand mom punch
Grandson punch
Lord Ganesha punch
Catch the punch (here the baby will catch the fist)
This is mostly done when kid is about to grasp the things! Good for fine motor and gross motor skills !!

5.Adho paaru pattam

Adho paaru pattam
Pada pada pattam
Kannai kavarum pattam
Katril medakum pattam
Look at the kite
Which is a flapping kite
Attractive to the eyes
Flying in the air
This is used to introduce the concept of flying in the air!
I am splitting the rhymes which we enjoy in parts so it would be easy for everyone to follow the rhymes we want! If you like them please do share!!


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