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SHUKRANU -A movie which Speaks about the Emergency FORCED STERILIZATION in a comical way | ZEE5 ORIGINAL FILM

ZEE5 is the talk of the town at the moment for their outstanding Original Film Series. This February, ZEE5 released Shukranu a comedy movie which shows the darker side of our Indian history where the men were forced to purush nasbandi. The poor and village men had no choice as it was mandatory for every male. Reliance Entertainment Production prodeced this movie and Bishnu Dev Halder, a national award-winner, directed this original film. Now you would be all excited and for sure would be keen in knowing on the happenings like the story plot was? Let’s check out on What Shukranu has in for all of us through me!

Shukranu’s Plot

Inder (Divyenndu), is the main lead and the story completely revolves around him. He is middle class guy and he is residing at Delhi and working as a Chief Supervisor. As per the family’s decision Inder marries Reema (Shweta Basu Prasad). In the Complete shock and in the chaotic mind, Inder is helpless as just two days before his wedlock; the Govt. Officials did Purush Nasbandi forcibly due to 1976 Emergency situation. As the story moves on he falls in love with Aakriti (Sheetal Thakur) in Delhi. The sory unfolds with lots of twists and turns which revolves around Inder, Aakriti and Reema.

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What makes you to stay Glued to Shukranu?

I happened to watch Shukranu just on a curious factor. I know about the black period of my country and got to know the movie has potrayed in a comical way. This led the curiosity and kindled the temptation factor in me to watch it. The film is all about Inder and his acting skills. Wow this is what keeps you glued to the story all over till the end. Eventhough this movie potrays or shows about the reality of the dark times of indian history i guess none will get offended as its storyline is really great.

Emergency Period 1976!

I bet, Whoever watches this movie you will be in love with this Movie. The storyline and the way they have taken it is the KEY! Eventhough the worst scenario has happened during the 1976 with the Indian men, but our ZEE5’s Shukranu has taken all the limelight in forming our audience about the negative side of the Emergency rule which made the Pursh nasbandhi more than the nazis yet bringing smile on the face with their script.

Inder’s Clarification

The entire family is upset with Inder’s love relationship with his wife. So the whole family gives their advices/suggestions to brighten up their family life. Inder makes sure no one knows about his vasectomy. He has many misconceptions which makes him meet the doctor to get a solution for his ignorance on the topic which spoils his mind peace. The Doctor gives him hope that eventhough he cannot get babies he can still make love with his wife. This releases the pressure he had till date.

Reema or Akriti

Inder has played his role very realistic where he has shown the tension and the joy when needed at the right places. However the irony of the plot unfolds where he gets to know that Reema is pregnant. He knows he won’t be able to become a DAD, this feel of betrayal upsets him. The lead brought in all the emotions necessary for this role. Inspite of being angry he accepts this just because of Family’s happiness. Too many twists and folds unveil where Inder falls in love with Akriti and Akriti wants to get married to Inder. Inder too wants to marry her for the love he has for her and also for the reason that Reema has cheated on him.

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Is this Relevant even today?

Eventhough the movie potrays a situation arose in the 70’s the topic is relevant even today. Men who wants to do vasectomy for the family control The movie takes a fresh dig on the dark comedy of the Indian politics and democracy. Through this movie people get to know about the political phase and get an awareness on how to deal things.

The Conclusion…

Overall, Shukranu is a light-weight, comedy film. The actors have played their part pretty well and storyline is perfect. It unfolds many myths and facts of the Emergency Period. It’s just 1 hour 35 minutes movie so we can watch even taking a break during your busy hours. ZEE5 has done a great job by releasing Shukranu in their platform.

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It’s my first attempt with the series Review and I hope you all like them. If at all you have watched any series in ZEE5 lemme know so that I can watch too.


“This is an honest ZEE5 Original Film review.”
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