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Review Post on a Course- Raising Talkers

A few months ago I grabbed an opportunity to participate in a course which was conducted by a mommy blogger +Speech Therapist. This course is called Raising Talkers. This was conducted by Multicultural Motherhood Ronnie @ Weronika.So now I am going to share with you guys what I enjoyed in this course and what I have learnt in this wonderful course.

The opinions shared in this blogpost is my own opinions which is truth and honest.

So before speaking about the course I would like to introduce Ms. Ronnie to you guys so you will know why is she qualified to run this course and how best her course is!

Weronika is a mother to four children and is from the South West of England. She is a Speech and Language Therapist specialising in bilingualism and autism. Her husband is a Turkish Kurd and they are hoping to raise our children to be multilingual. They are a Muslim family and home educate our children. She blogs about her multilingual, multicultural journey as well as home educating. She also writes about her interests; crafting, cooking and all the wonderfully fun activities she does with her children. She has a youtube channel where she shares about her day to day life activities completely dealing with the Homeschooling. 

We have collaborated on few projects earlier and she is best at her work. I admire her a lot in her homeschooling journey. I admire her to the core just because she follows Nature curriculum and they as a family are doing best in the way they learn, handle things. You should check out their page to know how they enjoy nature with the evidence led learning.

Now Let's talk about the Course:

Reason to Take up the Course

When I heard about the course I felt I should take up the course for 3 Reasons:

  1. To equip me with the techniques so that I can communicate better with my daughter.
  2. Being a First Time Mom I needed help to know where are we in the Parenting Talkers Phase.
  3. Being a Multilingual family need support for life long even though I get support from my family.

This course has four modules. The course will run for four weeks where each week each module is concentrated. The modules will have an informational video, workbook and a Live Q&A session. So it covers from typical Speech and Language Development to atypical Speech and Language Development to tips to advices and games. All 4 weeks are lively and perfect for the money you shed. It is designed in a manner it will help and support parents on how to encourage the children’s language from the younger life.

Being a Trilingual Family like every other family I too had my own doubts and worries that multilingualism will cause speech delay but after taking this course got to know there will be a delay for 2-3 months but not more than that. 

Got to know the benefits of being a multilingual family. So I am proud to speak with my toddler and embrace our skills with almighty’s grace.

In the Second module got to understand in detail why there mustn’t be a noise while interacting with the baby? and Why is parent-child interaction must from the younger age.

There are few exercises to practise the skills we attain to help our kids speak with clarity. 

The third module covers the tips and strategies needed to raise the great talkers. I was jumping in joy when I got these modules just because 

I have got a guideline to understand in which stage of Life we are and how to carry over with the process to make her a better talker.

The fourth module deals with the games to enjoy learning and be a champ to master the art of talking. Of all the games I loved action with Teddy. But mostly each and every thing mentioned in the course we have played as a child but need some brushing to upgrade our skills to enjoy the love of talking with the toddler.

Cost of the Course

It’s  £59 for LIFETIME ACCESS with all the modules available 24/7 and Ronni is available for chats/live sessions anytime. 

So how this operates?

After you do the payment you will be added to the facebook secret group where you can access the modules one week at a time. If we use the opportunity wisely you will get full support from Ronni.

This course doesn’t run all the time. She will open the course again shortly in sometime. Please do watch my space or Ronni’s Space to know when the course is going to start?

Right now she has started a new course on , “Clear Speech : How to help your child through speech sound difficulties” registration will be opening up later this week and will run in June. More information can be found here.


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