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Reading Books to kids (A -Z)

Its never too early or too late to start reading stories. Whether its a newborn baby or and 90 year old adult everyone loves being read to.

But reading to young children is very important. Especially when they are first learning to talk. From the age of 18 months or even earlier most babies will start to try to talk or copy sounds. Reading books to them will give them the chance to learn words that they wouldn’t necessarily learn at home. For example most people don’t walk out of their front door and find a penguin but through reading about penguins a child can learn what a penguin is.

Where to get books

I like to buy books from charity shops/thrift stores. You can find all kinds of lovely books for a fraction of the price of new ones. When deciding what books to buy see of you like the pictures, have a read and see if you enjoy the style of writing. There is nothing worse than reading a book to your child that you don’t like. You will rush through and no one will enoy themselves.

When and where to read

To make reading interesting you can read them at the park, on the bus, in the car, in a the pram, the list is endless.

But at home its nice to have a special reading place. For example we have a big comfy chair where my 2 year old can sit on my knee and share a story. At night its always nice to read a story as part as a bedtime routine.

If you have space you can make a reading corner full of cozy cushions, blankets and a selection of books for your child to sit and look at books independently.

Encouraging language skills

Lets read this book together

This book is perfect for my 2 year old because it has interesting illustrations and there are only two words on each page. Books with very little words are his favourite at the moment.


When your child is in the mood for reading invite them to sit next to you. Hold the book so you can both see it.

Read the first page making sure you pronounce the words clearly. If there are different characters use different voices. Ask them to repeat certain words.

Then look at the pictures and discuss them. Point out certain things for example if your teaching your child colours point to the hat and say look a green hat.

If your child can say a few words together ask them questions. Point to the yawning baby and ask how the baby is feeling?

Point to the sleeping babies and ask your child what they are doing?

On the page below you can point out that it is raining. And ask where is the mouse? What is the mouse holding? If your child doesn’t know the answer tell them.

When the story is finished ask your child to retell it too you. They will feel happy to know you value their opinion, and feel like they can read making them confident readers in the future.

This is a guest post from my blogger friend Our Amanahs Our Futures

She is a British born Lancashire Lass revert to Islam of 4 years. She has a daughter and a Son where she helps her kids to learn to be independant right from the young age. She makes learning lively and active. Just like everyone of us she is trying her best to learn about Quran and Sunnah in a positive way. She is always open to help. Subhanallah.

You can reach her through any social media forums over here. She will help you with all the doubts you have in mind.

You can also join her on Instagram , Facebook.


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