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Quarantine Eid Treasure Hunt

Salam and Hello Beautiful people out There! yay! We are approaching Eid Biznillah!

Its hard to believe that our beloved Ramadan is about to leave us. It seems like just yesterday babyA and I were planning on the ways to Welcome Ramadan”. As it’s always close to our heart for many Reasons. One of it might be as she is born in the month of Ramadan. Now, we have hit a phase of leaving Ramadan Subhanallah!

In every household, with kids its really difficult to get adjusted to new environment for a short span. So let’s all give a pat to ourselves mama’s and babies for easily adapting to the new schedule. And now we are about to readjust to the older schedule. But being in Quarantine phase, it was comparatively easy to handle the Ramadan month ;with no stress of waking up kids early for the school subhan allah!

We were able to spend more time doing mommy kiddo tasks with Almighty’s grace. Now as Eid is about to come, felt the kids should enjoy Eid at their home as they already miss their Eid in the masajid. It seems like only yesterday that we were planning its arrival: and now many of us are going through the process of readjusting.

Our uarantine Ramadan Timeline – 2020

Quarantine Eid Treasure Hunt

So to keep the vibes more sustained I figured the ways to celebrate Eid without being left out like the previous Eids’ of hers stuck indoors. So came up with this Treasure hunt plan and I am excited to see the reaction on how happy she will be on looking at this!

What’s the Plan?

Biznillah, I am thinking to handover the first clue in her hand teaming up with her dad so that she gets excited in handling these stuffs. For the easy comfort have given the pictured clues along with the written clues. There are 15 clues to reach her special gift subhan Allah! I am pretty sure dad and daughter combo will enjoy this and looking at them being happy I will be happy biznillah!

To get the soft copy of the Eid Treasure Hunt clues and rules click here

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