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Project 365- Week 7

This week was very dull to be honest. The change in climate took place so it was raining cats and dogs the whole week and we were stuck at home the whole week. So it was either an activity inside home or screen time.

We played with playdough and made a pizza with the play dough. Did the playdough from the scratch so we were able to spend time more and enjoy

The idea of this game is she has to bring all the shells inside the square. Maa shaa allah she it for good 30 minutes and i enjoyed looking at her.

Won a giveaway last month and I received this journal and It’s so pretty. The giveaway was conducted by one of the bloggers Sister Jameela  She is doing a challenge on positive parenting right now and I am taking part in this challenge.

We as a family Netflixed this week with the food history and baking shows. Enjoyed our 1 hour daily and the best I liked from these shows would be history of Tamilnadu food being my origin.\

BabyA is too much into cars right now. Even when we go for outings she will I’ll bring her car bundle with her! She will sit in her car seat and enjoy riding cars so wanted to do something for her with the cars! So started off with this number identification and matching with the cars! Isn’t it too cool to do wonders with the car and they don’t get bored off! It doesn’t need anything except the cardboard or a stock paper whichever you guys are comfortable with and the cars! Maa shaa allah we had a good time with this activity! More than babyA her papa enjoyed 😜 Do you want to see more activities on cars let’s us know so that we can work more on this!

On top of this we got a shocking news where inmates of our society are looking strangers coming in the gated society and some weird activities are happening within the community itseems. So we are too frightened as kids are playing all alone at times. Luckily when such thting happened we were inside the home. Have raised a complaint at the leasing office and they have taken action is what we got to know. Fingers crossed that nothing should happen within our society and safety of kids are important right now. Do add us in your prayers to have a safe environment. Thanks for stopping in by.




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  1. Sorry to hear your safety is under threat. I hope it gets sorted out soon. The play dough pizza looks good, and the game with getting the shells inside the square.
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Marathon training: The first few weeksMy Profile

  2. So sorry to hear about your safety is under threat. I really hope that gets sorted soon. xx

  3. I hope your safety issue gets sorted, must be frightening for you and well as your children.
    Amazing how they will play for ages with something so simple.
    Well done on the win

  4. May the issues you face soon get sorted. I like the sound f winning competitions and playing the shell game. #365

  5. I hope that they sort out your security issues and the children are all okay? Looks like a lovely journal and I like the different activities. I use to do similar with cars and then a peg pinwheel that use to go down really well. Hope you have a good week

  6. so sorry to hear about the issues inside the community, i hope they are resolved soon. I used to love making playdoh with my kids and when i was teaching, but never enjoyed the cleaning up part afterwards

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