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Project 365- Week 6

I know I was away from my track for some reason. But hopefully will be in track for the rest of the weeks in shaa allah. Our Week 6 was one of the good weeks I can say. Though the climate was little upset we tried to enjoy outdoors too. Mostly our fun was indoors. We started our week with fun activities at home.

Day 1: Popsicle stick stuffs for kids

We loved doing this activities to know more about this you can follow the Instagram handle.

Day 2:

Baking is one of our mommy-daughter duo right now. This time with a twist. BabyA made this wonderful cake with the help of mommy! She rocked and momma was surprised for sure. Maa shaa allah


We had a surprise women get together at home so made this on the spot crispy Potato Corn toast and the ladies were really shocked with my innovation on the food as they said so! :p


Day 4:

Read a Book “But, Who is Allah?” Maa shaa allah we enjoyed this book and learnt few concepts about Islam.


Day 5:

We read a wonderful Book where the author introduces basic shapes and shows the creations of Allah where the kids can relate it very well! We loved this book a lot and we used the Playdough to do shapes!

Day 6:

We went for a nature walk on Friday to hunt few stuffs that are common and kids enjoyed the tour. Fridays we have a playdate within our community and we enjoyed our day for sure. These are the stuffs which collected in our nature walk and we learnt about it. and babyA became creative in doing few stuffs with the collected stuff.

Watch this space for more such posts on Project 365!

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