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Project 365 2019- week 2

Week 2 started off well with my walk! I wanted to start the 10k steps challenge and Al hamdulilah I was able to work on it! Successfully done with the 10K steps this week and I don’t have regrets on it. I am planning to increase the step count so I can challenge me to stay fit!

started with the morning walk to stay active!

As we are back from vacation wanted to go slow with her activities. I am a kind of lazy right now so we revised our old worksheets. Since we are addicted to stickers and writing right now I wanted to do a name activity with her. She rocked as usual al hamdulilah

Started with a new project called the Quran Journaling and it was really a great feel in doing this journaling process and learnt a good lesson and planning to continue till I can in shaa allah

Sun was little gracious enough to shower some rays on Us, So we started our Bike learning session with the Balance Bike and my doll is learning on her own. She is gaining experience and she is getting interested to try stuffs. Al hamdulilah

We had a playdate at our home and babyA was kind enough to share her toys with the other kid and my hubby was also engaging with the toddlers as usual and we mommies got some time to do ghushups!!

We had our pav bhaji party within the community and it tasted yum! and had our monthly Potluck last friday and we were too busy that I wasnt able to take pictures of the delicious spread.

We are too involved with the sticker right now so did the numbering with the sticker activity. She loves wearing hijab and I am very happy to see this!Follow this space for our Project 365 next week.

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