Phases of Moon- Gross motor activity for Toddlers

Both babyA and I love to watch the moon and its something special to everyone in this age-group. And you guys would have known Muslims follow the moon calendar. As Ramadan is around the corner I wanted the kids to know about the phases of the moon. I wanted the kids to have some fun and learning together. So tried with this gross motor activity for the kids. It’s perfect for toddler to have some fun.

Here I have concentrated only the Full Moon, Half Moon, Crescent as I just wanted to introduce them the major things and then as days grow the kids can learn more in detail about the phases of the moon.


Cardstock/Old Carton box




Push pins



  1. Using pencil make the shapes of the phases of moon which we have planned i.e. Full Moon, Half Moon and Cresent
  2. With the help of the scissors cut the shapes separately and keep it aside
  3. Now its time to paste the shapes on the twine/thread/wool.
  4. with the help of push pins/nails tie the threads to two different ends.

Game 1:

As I said earlier this is a gross motor activity. It’s tried and tested one with a bunch of preschoolers and they really enjoyed them. As the parents didn’t give the permission to capture the moment I wasn’t able to click one.

  1. As you could see in the picture above the two ends of the twine/thread are attached to the two ends of the wall.
  2. Now when the mama/papa calls for the particular phase of the moon they have to identify them and try to touch them.
  3. To make it more interesting instead of tieing the threads two more people can hold the ends and adjust the height based on the players.

Game 2:

Now the mumma/papa can assign each activity for each phase of the moon. For e.g. Jump when the crescent comes, Sit when Full Moon comes; hop when the half Moon comes.

Once the rules are set as the player calls in for the phase of the moon the kids must do the associated activity.

Our kids enjoyed this activity and we too had a great time doing this.

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