Phases of Moon- Fine Motor Skills for toddlers

Looking at the moon and learning about the moon is a lovable task. I am a person who loves stuffs where the fine motor skills and gross motor skills play a role. Kids at this age must give some pressure on the fingers so their fingers gain strength and some energy. I wanted something to teach my cute daughter but when its theme based obviously both of us won’t feel bored by doing the same activity. So here comes the different activity where you wouldn’t have seen in the internet or anywhere.

Pushpin Activity- Phases of Moon

Disclaimer: Before entering in this activity I would like to warn you guys that the pushpins aren’t supposed to give to the toddlers when alone for safety purpose. The kid will know to handle the pushpin but this has to be done under the supervision of the caretaker.

As I said earlier I follow the cues of my kid, only when she shows interest in a particular theme or activity I try to tweak in to create a win-win situation for both of us. So let’s get to know how to play with the pushpins where we can learn the phases of the moon.



Cardstock paper

Old Cardboard/thermocol/foam sheet for a hold



  1. Draw the phases of the moon which you have planned for. I have planned only for the 3 phases of the moon as I felt this is enough for a 2 year old. Based on the age of your child you can increase the phases of the moon.
  2. So I drew Full moon, Half moon and Crescent in a cardstock paper and pasted on the cardboard. I took cardboard because I love to upcycle the stuffs available at home.
  3. Now handover the pushpins to the kid and ask the kid to fill the template borders with the pushpins.
  4. This is good for fine motor.

So Here is a quick video on how to do this. you might enjoy this.

Sticker Activity on the Pinwheel

We recently got a pinwheel  to do experiments with the wind but later used this to learn about the phases of moon with the toddler! Do you want to know how did we do this? Actually kids around 2 love to use stickers so I used the opportunity to utilize stickers and complete our learning. So here comes the activity.






  1. Cut the labels as my labels were big rectangle shaped. I drew the full moon, half moon and crescent in separate labels. and placed them in a tray.
  2. Now the kid has to peel the label and stick each full moon, half moon and crescent set in one petal of the pinwheel. Likewise the kid has to complete the pinwheel.
  3. Peeling and sticking is liked by the toddlers so created this one.

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