Our 5 favorite Muslim Series on YouTube for Kids

I was proud to say there is No screentime at my home till babyA was 1year 8 months old. Later as our friend circle increased she wanted to spend time on screen. As I had a guilt trip that she speaks less just because I haven’t introduced screen yet had to start the screen time then! I can’t say it’s a mistake but still wanted to stay away from screen. But this India trip was a boon as her screentime has become less! But still we wanted to share with you guys the favorite Muslim series which we liked on YouTube! 

  • Zaky and friends

One of the firsts which started with. Loved their nasheeds, stories on prophets. The Ramadan series was a hit in my cousin’s family.

  • Hud hud TV

Ummi is an Islamic children musical 3D animation series about a lady named UMmi who teaches her young students about morale values through story telling.

  • Omar and Hana

Our current favorite right now. It was a malay series and now currently they have started the English series and we love them! More than babyA I enjoy all these stuffs! Al hamdulilah🧕🏻

  • Abdul bari (Urdu/ Hindi)

This was introduced to us by her motimom (my sister). These are small stories in Urdu with detailed concepts for the age group. It’s based on the Islamic lifestyle and principles. A good one for all age groups.

  • Alif and Sofia 

I love this series. Brainchild of malays but English version is also cool. We started with the twinkle and twinkle shahadah and then glued to it with the rest small stories! Maa shaa allah!!

I hope your kids will also enjoy like we do! If you have any Muslim cartoons to be added to our list let us know it will be helpful as we always need more options in expanding our knowledge!


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