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An Ode to Breastfeeding Phase of My Life

Al hamdulilah we had a wonderful journey of 650 days of Breastfeeding!! It’s a beautiful connection we had between us as a mother and daughter. I still can’t believe I was able to succeed the journey! I thought it’s a natural process and each and everyone is gifted with this process. I was living in a myth that everyone does with joy and happiness. But the truth is I am gifted that I was given a knowledge by almighty through my parents to learn more about it and to research about the basic scenario. I was able to differentiate between the marketing gimmicks and how to put my foot down when need arises. Al hamdulilah I was able to fight for my rights whenever the need arises.It’s sad to know how people are able to fall to the trap. Here’s an ode to breastfeeding phase of my life.

If I had not known about the 1st few days of breastfeeding I would have said an Yes for the formula milk when offered by the nurse even before the baby came to the earth!!
If I had not known about Breastcrawling phase and the Golden hour I would have missed the Golden hour due to the negligence of the Nurse team.
If I had not known about the Skin to Skin contact technique I would have thought there is a delay in my supply and would have made up mind to give my daughter the taste of formula milk
If I had not known about the Second day’s transfer of colostrum to the mature milk I would have thought she is sucking just for the search of milk and fell in the trap.
If my husband would have not known to Say a NO when he was convinced by the dates mates parents to give in for Formula feed we would have missed the milestone we have acheived today! Al hamdulilah
If my mom and sister weren’t the ones to support me to be in this journey this long I would have not made it possible.
If I wouldn’t have known the concept of Good latch I would have doubted my supply when my maid said If I don’t get pain in my breasts My baby isn’t getting her food.
If I wouldn’t have known about colic I would have given the colic medicines and struggled my daughter
If I wouldn’t have known about dream feeding I would have disturbed my daughter’s sleep
If I wouldn’t have known about the first Growth spurt I would have thought the problem is in me!!
If I wouldn’t have known about cluster feeding I would have accepted that my supply is low and given in for formula feed
If I wouldn’t have known about babywearing I would have struggled to nurse in public
If I wouldn’t have known about nursing strike and how to handle it I would haven’t reached to this level
If I wouldn’t have known about nursing in take off and landing in a flight journey I would have either seen my baby in pain due to ear blockage or fell to the prey of giving medicine to make her sleep.
If I wouldn’t have known about baby led weaning and the main source of nutrition is breastmilk till 1 year I would have fell to the prey of “MY Baby doesn’t eat anything”
If I wouldn’t have known about the concept of breastfeeding being a natural pacifier I would have thought My baby cries due to hunger and fell to the Trap!!

If I wouldn’t have known about extended nursing I would have accepted to the fact that breastmilk beyond 6 months has no nutrition
If I wouldn’t have known about the concept of natural weaning will happen anytime between 18 months and 6 years I would have fell to the prey of the myth “If you continue nursing beyond 1 the kid will get addicted to breastmilk and will not stop until you give them an emotional shock treatment of applying neem oil, neem paste, vicks, blah blah
If I had not experienced the day where My daughter comes and say “Mama, BIG” and walks off when offered Breastmilk I would have not believed the concept of natural weaning without any preparation.
Above all this, If I had not known to Look at my baby and not the scale I would have fall on the Trap!!

Maa shaa allah Almighty has given me an opportunity to read about the nursing process, and we have reached the milestone today!!
Is it not Almighty’s creation great? Even when you have triplets your supply will be enough for all three kids!! Just have the enough knowledge to accept the fact and go with the flow by trusting your body and Almighty.

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  1. Vinitha says:

    Nice post Salma! Great that you learnt a lot through your motherhood days!! My wishes for you to explore more!

  2. Hanaa says:

    Mashalla, İ thought I was prepared for nursing, but it was such a struggle with my first born. Alhamdullah we stuck to it and things worked out fine in the end and for each subsequent child. There’s so much misinformation out there! Have you thought about writing a book about this?

    1. alizehmysoul says:

      Thank you sister! In shaa allah will think about writing sister

  3. Mashallah, you mention a lot of things that I myself was not aware of concerning breastfeeding, very beneficial thank you.

  4. hanaa says:

    I thought I was ready for breastfeeding when I had my first child, little did I know there’s so much misinformation out there! You cover a lot of material, have you considered writing a book about this?

  5. Alhamdulillah for the pleasure of breast feeding you have had, which I didn’t have for both my daughters and I have no regrets, as I believe Allah gives it and we take it… 🙂 BarakAllah feek, I too learned a lot of terms from you today despite my two daughters…

  6. MashAllah well done on reaching such a milestone. I gave up too quickly with my first daughter as I didn’t know a lot of what you mentioned.
    Fozia S recently posted…Project 365 – Week 18 of 2018My Profile

  7. Royala says:

    I gave up 3 times but on the 4th I persevered and now have reached 18 months alhamdulillah. My only downside is not being able to fast as I end up with a migraine while breastfeeding how did you do and did u fast?

  8. Madiha says:

    This is a very informative article for parents. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Great post! This has a lot of helpful info, even for someone who has never experienced what you went through. Glad it all worked out!

  10. Maria Faisal says:

    Great post. I’m sure it’s a beautiful time for a mother.

  11. Hafsa Waseela says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience of breastfeeding. Children are a blessing

  12. Masha Allah great post with lot of information for all the moms❤
    Yousra Naeem recently posted…5 Ways To Prepare For Ramadan!My Profile

  13. ThrifDeeDubai says:

    Masha’Allah well done! You mentioned so many points I had forgotten, it really is a blessing to be given such an opportunity as many mother’s for one reason or another cannot breast feed! Beautiful memories always!

    1. alizehmysoul says:

      True sister!! All the memories with the babies are beautiful!!

  14. Kendra B. says:

    This is incredible. I’m not a mother yet, however this is definitely insight to the future. Pinned for later. 🙂

    1. alizehmysoul says:

      Thanks for writing in! Glad you were able to get an insight!!

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