O is for Olympics Craft- Winter Olympics 2018

Fun alphabet craft is what I love to involve my daughter with. She being 18 months I don’t concentrate on teaching anything specific. I always go with the flow. She loves to squeeze the glue bottle now. So thought to use this skill in a positive way.  Following the bloggers I loved the activity called the letter of the week column. I really didn’t want to start teaching so early but just wanted to do something for the olympics so ended up in this activity.  Since I am new to this technique utilized the readymade printable from I can teach space

Materials Required

O is for olympics printable
Oogly eyes



1. Place the outline O on the counter table
2. Let the child squeeze the glue over the letter O if not help them.
3. Give your child handful of googly eyes and let them place and start their activity.

An 18 month Child with the help of her family can complete this task. We had a good family time while doing this task. To check about the host country facts please do click here


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    1. alizehmysoul says:

      Thanks for reading the post and sharing a positive comment!!

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