My version of Mini-moon using Light

Last year during the Laylatul Qadr we did a small activity of mini moon. Alhamdulilah we enjoyed doing this. Looking at my instafeed my instafamily wanted a tutorial so I thought to let our readers know our version of the minimoon which is a little modified from the A crafty arab version.

We did this for the Laylatul Qadr but you can very well do this for welcoming Ramadan. In shaa allah will do this activity again this year to welcome Ramadan and will try to include in the #90daystoRamadanProject2019.


Cling wrap
A part of cardboard tube
Rubber band
Pen torch

  1. We started by tracing the cardboard tube on the card stock so that we can identify the exact circle in the cardstock.
  2. Now as we know the size of the inside of our tube, we drew out a crescent moon and star inside.
  3. After the moon and stars drawn cut out the exact shapes and keep it aside.
  4. Take the cling wrap and place the star and moon over it.
  5. We centered our shapes on the cardboard tube and added a piece of tape to hold the cling wrap together.
  6. We then added the rubber band to help hold the cling wrap on the tube.
  7. After the process keep the lights on and place it on the other end of the tube and the output you will love it.


We tried with the pool noodle too but the output of cardboard tube was more effective than the pool noodle.


If you guys liked it then please do share with your friends and family.

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