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My Tamil ABC’s Quran Verses- அகரமிலிருந்து சிகரம் நோக்கி

I have been looking for ways to introduce the Tamil Qur’an to our sweet Ms.A so that she grows up loving it and eager to learn from it. The people who follow me would have known the love I have for the Tamil Langauge. And I really wanted to create this as People around the world are thinking bad about the muslim community. They feel Quran teaches Terrorism. So when I ask them to read  QURAN obviously they wont be able to read it so if I sample them they might get curious and start a liking towards the principles of ISLAM.


So I decided to make a resource of my own. Its like the first of it in Tamil.  I picked out the verses from the Qur’an which we could easily have conversations around and lay the basis for future character building.


I got the idea from another fellow blogging friend to assign a verse to each English alphabet. Here I picked out the verses for each Tamil Alphabet. I have concentrated  on the tamil basic alphabets ‘அ’  to ‘ஃ’

This helped babyA to familiarize the letters and we tried to discuss the scenes before and after the verse at home. This helped in building a conversation at home. Even though it was by no means an easy task 😀

We have been reading the cards in the morning, at bedtimes and also randomly throughout the day.

I have selected verses carefully which can serve as good reminders to all of us. This can be used for storytime.  InshaaAllah I hope this will provide the basis on which further character building can be done according to the Qur’an.

I wanted to sell this but as its Ramadan in a month felt its better to give it for free Alhamdulilah. Use this and bless our family in shaa allah!

you can download the product here



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  1. Its really good and awesome.

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