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My Ramadan Lapbook- Quarantine Special

Inside: I need to Recite Quran, talk to Allah more is the wish of every mumin during this Month of Ramadan. But handing over a mobile/tab/TV to the kid will not solve the problem right? So I have created this activity -“My Ramadan Lapbook- Quarantine Special” to encourage the toddlers to come in track with us. Subhanallah

Growing up in India I had opportunity to learn when I grew up but being in the west I had fears in me always, will I be able to help my daughter learn about our Deen. Being an expat now, subhanallah have got lot of resources from my blogging friends and at times it becomes overwhelming so thought let me tweak the activities based on my daughter’s interest at the moment. This is why this lapbook is available now at the moment! Alhamdulilah

Ramadan activities from games to fun learning is always available in my blog since 3 years subhanallah. But currently I am really happy to see my daughter explore by drawing stuffs for her. Last Friday, she asked me if I need something to eat? I realized she wanted to play the kitchen game with her. So I gave my list of orders and in the end I received the food in the form of colors in a sheet drawn by her! Maa shaa allah the imagination these kids have is a wow factor.

This activity book is a mixture of maths and English which has lots of information about Ramadan. It starts with Hilal spotting then duas to break the fast and few activites based on the concepts and puzzles.

The most important thing each and everyone must know is about the Oral Hygiene and Islam and have worked on a small activity on that too.

‘My Ramadan Lapbook-Quarantine Special

This printable book is in PDF format. These are free to use for my subscribers. You can click on the image below to get the printable delivered to you in shaa allah!

What’s so special in this Lapbook?

This Lapbook has been designed thinking on a minute detail a kid should understand or atleast give a way to openup to talk to the kid regarding this subhanallah

We have framed this in one way where each and everyone of us are living through the History which is once in 100 years mostly and to make it special we have a column in that too. Subhanallah

Sharing a glimpse of one of my followers who worked on this!

So What are you waiting for? Use this lapbook to openup the conversation as young as possible. Who knows? your kid might be interested to speak with Allah and about Allah more after this!

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  1. This lapbook looks amazing Salma

    1. Jazakhillah Khair Aleeza! Yeah I got a good response for this subhanallah!

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