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My First Muslim Potty Book-Review

Author: Yousfa Janjua

Illustrated by Golnar Servatian

Disclaimer: I was sent this “My First Muslim Potty book”, for the purposes of review in the electronic format. All opinions are my own.

About the Book

MY FIRST MUSLIM POTTY BOOK, is the first of a kind in the Potty training world of books I believe. I haven’t come across any of such books just for our muslim halal training book so this attracted me towards this book.

This book is a rhyming book which will be liked by the toddlers for sure.Can you believe a book on how to use Potty as a muslim is available now? Subhan allah.

What I Liked the most?

I liked the way the narration started where the parents thank almighty by praying to Allah and the kid crawling on the prayer rug which kindled thousands of memories in me.

The protagonist grows big and the parents explain him on using the potty. Tips on the timing like when to go fast and when he can go in a normal pace. We can experience this scene in each and everyone of our homes.

It also teaches the kids on which foot to use while entering and how to deal with potty and where to sit; how to sit on the seat. But it also teaches the kids to seek parents help whenever the need arises.

The book introduces najis (impure), istinja and which hand to use for washing and the ways to wash our hands. Author introduces the concept of Tahara the stae of purity to the kids at a very young age. This will help them to adapt to the environment.

Always in a picture book illustrations also has to say the story and the illustrator has done justice to it.

The book has duas and reference from Quran and HAdith which is a very essential one.

Now Let’s see about the Author

Yousfa was born in Montreal, Canada but left building snowmen for sandcastles instead in sunny Southern California. When she isn’t busy keeping 3 children fed, sheltered and somewhat clean she enjoys being out in nature, traveling, making digital art and writing silly poems and short stories for unsuspecting friends and family. On any random day, you will most likely find her at the park or the library during storytime which she enjoys as much as her children. Her need to make relatable, inclusive and faith-based stories for her own children has led to her first publication. She has a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering.

About the Illustrator:

Golnar Servatian is an Iranian children’s book and magazine freelance illustrator. She has been illustrating for kids since 2006, publishing about 50 books. At the same time she enjoys painting and writing stories and poems and has a Bachelors in Graphic Design and a Masters in Fine Arts.

This book is available to buy at Prolance Writing


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