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Moon Themed Gross Motor Activity

After a long time we are doing “Good Night Moon” book and we have a desire to do Moon stuffs for this week! So while browsing the internet came across this Moon Crater activity which is suitable for Gross motor skill and I thought this might help us to fulfill our mission!
We are not doing that exactly right now as it might become messy inside the home! So we are going to move that aside for summers in shaa allah! So we are going to hit the moon with the colored balls we have!
  1. Go on a ball hunt. – This helps in bringing more interest towards the game!
  2. Gather what you find and add into a basket.
  3. Find a wall in your home and paste the Moon poster on it with a painters tape or duct tape.
  4. Based on the kids age/ height you can change position and place them!
  5. Add a line of painter’s tape to the floor as a starting point.
Remember to place the painter’s tape on the ground as well, so your preschooler knows where to throw from.
Now, step back and watch how fun it is!
Remember, kids, learn best by doing. As they begin to throw, try saying things like:
  • “Here we go! Sphere number one is a red ball. Let’s watch it go! Ready, set, throw!”
  • “Interesting! Your blue ball is a larger sphere! Let’s see if it goes as the red ball!
You can also continue to extend this activity by adding more targets like hitting the rim or center of the moon!
One of my friends have comeup with her own moon activity and she is such a sweet mom who teaches stuffs in a fun way. To know what she has written please do check here
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