Monthly Gratitude Series- Jazak’allah khair January

I always complain to almighty that I don’t get good things in life. But to be frank I have a wonderful mommy who helps me in each and every thing happening in my life. I am a gifted child for sure. Born with a silver spoon😉 My dad is the best dad and my sisy is a person who cares about each and everything even a small thing of mine as a very precious thing. My bro is a super hero. Such a blessed family is mine. Coming to my in laws touchwood they treat me as their daughter. Supportive husband and an ever-loving daughter. When everything is normal around what’s the use of cribbing around is what i thought and came up with a series called “Monthly Gratitude”. This series is for me to Thank my almighty for the blessed month I have. It’s an accountable just like the monthly goal post. To check on my February Monthly Goal Post Please do click here. So whenever I am dull I can look at this and bring the positivity around me.

We started our New year by attending a Noon year eve on 31st. Bio degradable balloons were flown high from the ponce city mall and our start was really a bang on!! After a long time we got wonderful family pictures.

Vaccination checkup

We had our babyA’s 18th month check up and we are happy that she is a fine with almighty z grace. Almighty is so gracious enough that he has given us a lovable child al hamdulilah ☺ our paediatrician is very supportive and she clears all my petty doubts everytime I go. The bonding between the doctor and patient is a must for a smooth phase of life.

Friends’ Get together

The month of January I can say its gettogether month. We had too many geto togethers this month. We had a stayover at my friend z place. And we were gifted to watch our kids to play together al hamdulilah. Learnt new games and got to taste the bonding between us as a family.

Play dates

We had a play date too this month. And we were able to visit the Children’s museum for the play date as many such events occur through social media. To be on the safer side we fix the common public spot.

Family bonding

Due to the climate being too cold we got to spend more time at home and we were able to play, run around the home. The more we play the more the bond grows  within us. Al hamdulilah for a happy family.

A milestone in the blog

As you all knew I migrated from the free wordsite to the self hosted site. We have our own domain now. Maa shaa allah!!
Thanks to almighty for giving me the confidence to function on this. Though i have few issues and learning curve is not that great as of now happy to launch my own website and working on that site. Al hamdulilah

I was able to attend an Online Summit which gave me confidence to self host my site. Thanks to Muslimmah bloggers summit.

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I cannot say just that I had the best month. I had both ups and downs. We had a tough time but overall a good month. In shaa allah will wait to experience the rest of the months.

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26 thoughts on “Monthly Gratitude Series- Jazak’allah khair January

  1. Alhamdulillah! So many blessings if we look hard enough! Jazakallah Khair for sharing and congratulations on your new domain name.

  2. Congratulations on going self-hosted, it is always great to learn new things. Each such venture teaches us something new. It is great that you believe in the power of gratitude, what you are grateful for will yield you more of.

  3. Family time is so precious! Im so happy to see how you are enjoying it with your family. And congrats on the new self-hosted site. I also started a self hosted site recently. It has been challenging to learn all about it, and start blogging too. At the same time it has been wonderful getting to meet new people and seeing all the possibilities of new things and thoughts out there. InshAllah you’ll have great new experiences in the following months 🙂

  4. I think we often forget to stop and be grateful for all these things – it’s easier to see the bad stuff that happens, and we often seem to just take these good ones for granted. And well done for taking a plunge and going self-hosted!

  5. Yayyy..congratulations for moving to self-hosted domain which I did too last month. And this is very inspiring post,writing about gratitudes. Now I am thinking to write something on same lines. All thanks to you for inspiration

  6. Networking does wonderful things. I am so glad you went to that meet and got the courage to get this domain. All the best indeed. It is indeed difficult to be grateful in times when one cannot find strength but it surely does help pull you out of the low times. A gratitude series is so helpful.
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