Letter Squirting is always Fun

My daughter is so fond of water play and I love to look at the smile in the face actually. She loves to squirt the water from her water spray bottle she has and the activity letter squirting is always fun for her. She is 3 years old now and she is trying to memorize the alphabets and identifying them is a wonderful adventure in her phase of life. So to make this more playful I tried this activity and she has fun with almighty’s grace.

Stuffs Needed:



Water Spray Bottle

So I wrote a few letters in a random manner on our chalkboard and handed over her the spray bottle. So I explained her the concept of the game like if mumma calls out a letter she has to squirt it.

Kids won’t like to accept the game as it is. They would like to invent their own game with their imagination. It’s fine. Give them time for sure. They will adapt to the technique you plan for them.

So now the kid has to erase the letter which the mumma/caretaker calls out and if the kid squirts the right one it’s good else it’s not a big deal. I made the letters big so that we were able to repeat each letter several times before it wasidentified in a quick setup.

Even before this letter squirting we have used this concept for the fire play where the kid has to put down the fire by squirting water on the fire drawn on the floor using the chalk.

You can use this even for the sight words, shapes, colors call out game.

This activity is for sure a multilingual and yeah kids love to play with water and we can tune our games based on their interest.

BabyA loved this game and we had fun doing this. This is a to go activity at our home. We try different permutations and combinations based on this.

So how many of you like to play this game with your kids? Share with us in the comments section on the different forms of playing this game. If you haven’t played this what are you planning to work for the first time?

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