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Let’s Plan and work for a Productive Living- May

The month of April was too thrilling for us as a Family. The month started great with me turning 30 Al hamdulilah and then we ended up going in an emergency surgery and I ended up learning things from my daughter. She being 21 months old taught me how to adjust and she weaned off from breastfeeding just like that. I was emotional but very proud of her. She knew how to spend time with me during the bed rest days and depend on her papa for her day to day chores. Al hamdulilah!! Almighty has designed each and everyone such that they can handle things perfectly. Trust is what is most important!! I felt proud when undergoing this because when she is able to be independent in this age then my parenting is right for our Family Al hamdulilah!! After a long winter session I was able to take my daughter for a playdate and we got an opportunity to do a “Mommy & Me” Shoot. This month is truly a memorable one for me. In shaa allah I am looking forward for the month of May as it’s one of the Special Months for us! “Month of Ramadhan”

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As usual we are grouping our Goals into sectors like

  1. Religious Goals
  2. Parenting Goals
  3. Family Goals
  4. Blog Goals

Religious Goals:

  • Being a special month, we have plans to read/play Juz per day. So I can complete 30 juz by the month end in shaa allah
  • Introduce one name of Allah to babyA by an activity.
  • Pray taraweeh without fail.
  • Visit masjid for taraweeh atleast weekly once.
  • Do a volunteer service in masjid.

Parenting Goals:

  1. Blend more of islamic activity to her learning as she must know the importance of this special month.
  2. Spend more time with her by reading a book per day.
  3. Playing with her more as she gets the maximum benefit of Summer Season.
  4. Concentrate on more gross motor skills so she gets tired and take a Nap.
  5. Clean up her toys after her playtime.

Family Goals:

  1. Organizing things and decorating for welcoming the month of Ramadhan.
  2. No Screentime for the whole family as our concentration should be more on Deen.
  3. A vacation
  4. When with babyA a BIG NO to PHONE!!

Blog Goals:

  1. Write atleast one article per week.
  2. Concentrate on Quality articles.

In shaa allah I am planning to do a AtoZ series like introducing alphabets to babyA where an activity would be done for that series. Have a plan hoping to execute it in shaa allah. This would start from the First day of Ramadhan till the Last date in shaa allah!! I am too excited for Ramadhan this time as I am going to fast after 2 long years. This is going to be my 1st long Ramadhan fast and fasting in the nuclear setup. Fingers crossed!!

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  1. Jo Morris says:

    I just wanted to stop by and say hi and that I love the idea of these monthly goals – I especcially love the family ones about Reading and Gross Motor Skills, keep it coming!

    1. alizehmysoul says:

      Thank you very much!! Thanks again for the encouragement!!

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