Let’s Plan and work for a productive Living- April

This month is a special month for me as I am going to be 30 here. Like a small baby I used to expect for my birthdays!! Al hamdulilah This year we have planned for mommy and baby Date as my husband would be busy!! To Know How we have planned for this special month go through this post.

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So How did the March Goals Go?

Religious Goals – We were able to read duas aloud and I am for sure understand that my daughter is able to understand stuffs. In shaa allah she will start speaking soon.

Parenting Goals –  Whenever possible went for walks and played and learnt more about nature but waiting to get more words from her in shaa allah.

Family Goals – Apart from the Laundry part we were able to do the best.

Alizehmysoulblog Goals – Something stopped me to concentrate on it. In shaa allah will work on it this month to be back on track

Month of Feb wasn’t a great one for our family we had many good as well as bad days. But I am happy we have learnt lessons from them and will be steady enough to lead a promising life.

Now Let’s concentrate in the Month of March.

Religious Goals:

  • Pray 5 times plus 2 rakaths of nafil in each time.
  • Start reciting duas aloud so that my baby can hear them.
  • Recite 2 from 99 Allah’s names with BabyA so that she can get to hear them frequently.

Parenting Goals:

  • Take BabyA for a walk and start speaking more with her and read more to her.
  • Concentrate on Gross motor skills and fine motor skills more in shaa allah
  • Concentrate more on her talking as she is going to be 2 in few months in shaa allah.
  • Cleaning up the toys after playing even at home.

Family Goals

  • One Family Outing to be planned in shaa allah
  • Concentrate on Laundry task
  • Declutter our wardrobe and donate the stuff to the needy
  • Limiting Screentime as a family when we are together as a family.
  • No usage of mobile when i am with babyA.

Concentrate on Books

  • Its been a long time I have read books but I am currently reading a book in shaa allah will complete atleast 3 chapters in that book.

Alizehmysoulblog Goals

  • Post a decent amount of quality articles
  • Promote it well.
  • Concentrate on building the traffic
  • Write posts in Stock in shaa allah for backup.

I am gaining confidence with this monthly Goal Series. In shaa allah will implement this challenge of mine and succeed. I haven’t done justice much in the month of Feb. In shaa allah March will be a productive one for me.

Please do encourage me and if you really wish you can join our journey too by sharing your plan for the month April!! Come let’s begin a well planned fun filled Summer Season with a magic of Love!



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