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Let’s Go for Hajj Activity Pack for Children -Review

People all over the world will know the importance of going to Hajj (Pilgrimage). Muslims all around the world are longing to perform Hajj atleast once in their lifetime. And Kids need to be taught the importance of our religion from an young age. Just like any other theories explained practically or through role play when kids do role play won’t it be too great? So one of my blogger friends Aysh from Jeddahmom has come up with this “Let’s Go For Hajj Activity Pack for kids”

So let’s see the Reason for the Hajj Activity Pack for kids

Reason for the Hajj Activity Pack for kids

Kids love to do roleplays and they need a base idea to learn things and explore about our history. So the creator has designed the activity pack in such a way where it has a Passport, A Map which acts a guide to instruct them of the things to be done; the process they need to undergo and a lively Identity card which has full details of the hajji, and a clear instruction for the parents to help them in doing this roleplay as well as getting to know about the history as well as the process which almighty has ordered us to do. Al hamdulilah.

To know about the facts of Eid-Ul-Adha and Facts of Hajj please do have a look at the post which I have written for the Multicultural Kid blogs.

Flight is ready to land at Saudi
Landed safely Alhamdulilah


What’s available in this pack?

This pack is awesome simple at its best and contains the following:

  1. 5 different colored Passports
  2. 6 Identification Tags
  3. 6 realistic looking ID Cards
  4. A full A4 size Hajj Map and
  5. 18 cards that explain the various steps of Hajj.
  6. Parent’s guide that explains Hajj and how to use the pack.

These sheets are designed in a way which can be printed on A4 Size paper.

The pack contains the instruction on how to prep the cards and how to use them.

How I incorporated this activity pack in my Play

I drew a Saudi Map and kept a mini Flight nearby and asked her to place the Flight inside the Map. I asked her to use her favorite passport from the list the creator has given and we tried to stamp the visa and then use the identification band and identification card.Then she was asked to ride a mini bus and reach the nativity scene which I created with the magnetic tiles which I had in my home. Then with the help of the map we tried to learn by matching with our tile.

I feel for a 3 year old its enough so i stopped with this but as the age grows we will increase the levels in shaa allah.


How to purchase this?

You can purchase this over here for $5.99


Such a wonderful activity which will help you do open ended play with your kids depending on their age. This activity can be used from 3 years till 12 years even more as it has such a lot of information on the Hajj





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