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Learning Tamil words through Where is Baby’s Birthday Cake? by Karen Katz

For the people who are close to me actually know the love I have for the language Tamil! It’s always close to my heart. Being in a foreign country it’s difficult to get tamil books to read it to my daughter. So from now I am starting a new project where We will be reading tamil words from the books we have!! So for the first  week we have taken a wonderful book “Where is Baby’s Birthday cake? By Karen Katz

This book is all about a baby searching for her/his Baby’s Birthday Cake! Who doesn’t love the cake? That too their birthday cake which would be decorated with love and care! The book slowly introduces the noun which is available within the home such as chair, box, bed, This is a lovely book with cute illustrations and the specialty of this book is it has lift- the- flap. So it will tempt the kid to follow the sequence. In shaa allah i will share the words which I have used for transliteration purpose.

Baby – pappa
Birthday- piranthanaal
Fancy- aadambaram
Box- petti

Chair – naarkaali
Bed- padukkai
Refrigerator- kulirpetti
Paper – kaagitam
Room – arai


To start off I took only the words which are used frequently! In shaa allah she will master the language soon!!

For older kids you can lay the flash-notes where the kids can match the words to the picture. We can even find some soft toys/wood stuffs that can match the story and make it more entertaining and interactive.

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