Jazak Allah Khair- January 2019

Last January started my gratitude series but i stopped in the middle for some reason but my friend, the face behind the muslim mummy  gave in a fire to start back the Series. So In shaa allah keeping my fingers crossed and my intentions to stay positive in completing this year gratitude journal!

We had a short vacation but heart filled with joy. So you know how difficult it would have been to settle down after a vacation to meet our family back in India. Al hamdulilah we tried our best to spend time with them [our parents] and we as a family miss the happy times we had in this vacation. I am really grateful for the time we spent with our family in this vacation and in shaa allah we will spend more vacations together.

Back from vacation our health took a toil. BabayA had cold episodes due to the change in climatic condition and environment. But it wasnt worse and we were back to form soon. As it is raining and we had the rains ON and OFF we are still with the sickness. But Al hamdulilah its a manageable one. Luckily we had sunny days too where my doll surprised me with a bike ride. She showed interest in balance bike and we went for ride in the community.

I started with my walks and al hmadulilah trying to go for regular brisk walks. Hopefully we will continue.


Luckily our community has maximum toddler families especially of babyA’s age. So we conduct playdates regularly to keep them occupied. Every fridays we are meeting for structured playdate so kids get to learn something. And on Thursdays we ladies meet regularly for Halaqa [Study circle to learn something in Islam or Quran] Maa shaa allah! Family potlucks happens monthly once where we get to experience/taste others food! Al hamdulilah. Men gather in one spot and women and kid in another spot where we get to spend some girly time you see!


We had Pongal celebrations, Republic Day back in our country so we learnt about the Tamil Culture during the Pongal time of the week and learnt about India during our Republic Day week! Today we were expecting the Snow as Atlanta doesnt snow. We did some activities as the whole city is shut down today as our city isnt equipped to handle the Snow. But nature had other plans today. So this is also a learning. I have started a Quran journal course from Sister Jameela. In shaa allah il complete this course soon and get connected with Allah hu tala more.

Maa shaa allah I won a journal in a giveaway excited to receive them. I love how my days are unfolding. In shaa allah waiting for more surprises.


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  1. Alhamdulillah walks and play date sound like fun!

    Oh no sorry to hear you weren’t well but alhamdulillah that you are now better.

    JazakAllah Khair for joining in with the series
    Fozia S recently posted…Project 365 for 2019 – Week 5My Profile

  2. Ma sha Allah January has been quiet busy and exciting for you 🙂

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