Jazak Allah Khair- February 2019

Maa shaa allah had a great month with ups and downs for sure. As per plan even if I am late I thought I should catch up with my plan.  I am grateful enough to continue this gratitude series. SubhanALLAH it happens so often with us that we start a series (which I did and then in the middle just take an infinite break. See my photo a day series is also in the middle right now. In shaa allah il catch up with them soon.

We had a fluctuation in the climate so had to take breaks in the walk journey. Approximately would have gone some 20 days. In shaa allah will try to go on for regular walks. I could say the month of February was little busy in our family.

Welcoming Ramadan:

       Those who are following me would have known that my daughter is  2years old. When there were 90 days for Ramadan a sudden spark hit me to start a challenge for my family where babyA and I would do some activity related to learning/craft/book reading during this 90 days span to welcome the month of Ramadan. So we are now in Day 27 right now and alhamdulilah we are able to stay with our promise. To know more about the activities we do please do check the #90daystoRamadanproject2019 in the instagram. I gave gained confidence as well as a good number of friends through this project. Al hamdulilah for this idea to come within me!

Positive Parenting Challenge

Sister Jameela from Muslim Parenting came up with a 7 Days Positive Parenting Challenge over her Instagram account and we were asked to use #positiveparentingmuslimhome every day based on the prompt. Alhmadulilah I was able to participate on all 7 days and really enjoyed doing this challenge. I am really grateful for this too.


Was sick due to the climatic change but alhamdulilah was able to recover too.


Luckily our community has maximum toddler families especially of babyA’s age. So we conduct playdates regularly to keep them occupied. Every fridays we are meeting for structured playdate so kids get to learn something. And on Thursdays we ladies meet regularly for Halaqa [Study circle to learn something in Islam or Quran] Maa shaa allah! Family potlucks happens monthly once where we get to experience/taste others food! Al hamdulilah. Men gather in one spot and women and kid in another spot where we get to spend some girly time you see! Extention of this we have converted this playdates as kids halaqa! We started with the last friday of this month with this. MAa shaa allah kids enjoyed with a learning too.


We did few activities for the Mother Language day and babyA enjoyed the time we had. Alhamdulilah I love how my days are unfolding. In shaa allah waiting for more surprises. Next month In shaa allah will share more good news with you guys hopefully.

I love Tamil and Urdu as both are my mother tongues.

To know more about Jazak allah khair January 


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