Jazak Allah Khair- August

It took a long time to meet you guys!! I took a break for eid-ul- fitr and that break took all my time off. It’s been 2 months I have been busy and wasn’t able to blog. So thought to continue with the jazak allah khair series now in shaa allah

Spending time with my sister

Al hamdulilah August month was a happening one for me and my family. We got to visit my sister’s family in Illinois state and al hamdulilah my days there was a complete joy. Free from day to day activities. My sister made me sit and enjoy my vacation by not doing any single core at her place. I didn’t want to go anywhere apart from staying at home. Behind their community they have a trail which helped #babyA and I spend our time in lazy walk and to our surprise end of the trail had a bicycle park. BabyA was all excited to see the stop signs and few road signs. We also went to the masjid and loved the place maa shaa Allah. The purpose of visit was for my nephew z birthday and maa shaa allah she rocked the party with her unique ideas. It was a prince themed party and my babyZ stole the show as a prince. Al hamdulilah we had a gala time as a family.

Coming back home

After two weeks of vacation reaching our home is a bliss. BabyA was happy to see her bed, her carseat, etc. Kids are attached to their stuffs. She infact missed her cousin and her motimom[that’s how babyA calls my sisy] but she wanted her own space too. As eid was nearing we tried to deviate her mind. The next weekend we had a surprise visit.


We were clear to do the eid salah in our masjid. We got a call from Mr.F’s cousin that they are visiting us for eid. We all were excited in welcoming eid as well as the family. Kids got attached and they spent time with each other. Eid salah and kutbah was a barkath and we had a wonderful time. We even got an opportunity to visit the aquarium. BabyA was so excited to see the aquarium as you know kids at this age love to spend time looking at fishes, sharks etc.

Home movement

Our lease got over by the end of August and we wanted a different home plan so we made the home movement in the last week of August. As it’s within the same community babyA would retain her friends, the lake, park, etc etc. She is all excited to be in this home. Maa shaa allah we have beautiful house. We got emotional when leaving the last home because that home is associated with too many celebrations, relatives visitings etc. In shaa allah this home will also have memories attached with it. We are in the settling stage yet. May allah bless us all with bundles of joy, happiness and love all our lives. Aameen!!


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