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India Themed Activities for Republic Day with Free Printables

Republic Day is around the corner and  I am extremely happy to share with you snapshots of our India themed activity  along with few of our FREE Printables that you can download at the end of the post.

Here is a look of the activities we have planned for the Theme India. 

Ripping of Paper:

Tearing/Ripping  paper into small pieces can be fun and satisfying for them at this age. Tearing will involve finger movement and it develops co-ordination skills. To master the art of tearing your kid will have to hold the paper between the thumb and pointing finger of each hand. They then have to move each hand in a different direction. It’s quite difficult! Thought of using this with the Indian Flag colors. 

Materials Needed:
  • Paper [orange, Green and white]

One of our favourite activities are transferring, scooping using rice and two other lentils. This gells with the tri-color of the Flag. With such activities we will get to know the lentil names too.

Color Sorting [Printable]

I Spy- India themed [Printable]

Lacing activity India Themed. [Printable]

Colour Sorting

Color Sorting is an important milestone in a toddler. With the color sorting we are able to learn about colors, and as parents/caretaker we will be able to introduce vocabulary and language can be developed.


This FREE Color Sorting activity includes 1 sorting mat with a total of 3 colors which are present in our Indian Flag. There are 5 picture sorting cards for each color.

  • Saffron/Orange, White, Green
  • green, orange, purple
  • pink, brown, black

Ways to Play
You can play with this activity depending on the age and their level of understanding.

  • Talk about the things you see in each picture when the kid sorts the image based on the color.

For best results, turn into a reusable game by laminating the mats and pieces, and use velcro dots to attach the pieces.

You can place this printable even in your learning binder.

Lacing -India Themed

Lacing is a wonderful activity for the preschoolers. It’s a good exercise for developing the fine motor skills, concentration, and hand-eye coordination. Try it out with these 3 India themed lacing cards! This is a good form to celebrate Republic Day!
Print the cards out, then laminate them and cut out the picture in the form of the shape it denotes.I haven’t invested on the laminator yet so I stick the image on the thin cardboard so it gets a good life too. Then use a hole puncher to punch holes where indicated.
Give your child a shoe lace, or a piece of yarn that is reinforced by tape at the end. You can even use the pipecleaners if your kid is young . 

I-Spy – India Themed

Kids will love to practice counting with this colourful India Themed I-Spy.

Materials Needed:
  • Printer
  • Paper
  • Laminator
  • Dry Erase Markers/number card 
The printable can be either laminated or can be used in your toddler file. Main motive is to reuse ‘n’ number of times.  Ask the child to count how many of each national symbols they can find. Then, ask the child to write the numbers in the boxes at the bottom, with dry erase markers. This is good for writing practice, but if your child is too young you can ask them to find the correct number card and place it in the box.
Last activity is I is for India where the kid has to arrange the fryums into I shape.
To Download  the Printable  bundle please do Click Here
Would love to see the stuffs you do so please do share your stuffs with us through social media!

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  1. Such creative ideas and what a wonderful way to celebrate Republic day. Lacing and coloring are going to be fun with our little ones. Loved it.

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