Impact of stress during Pregnancy – A guide to a First time mom!

Since you have reached this page obviously either you or your family member would have become pregnant! Congratulations mommy! You are going to hold your child in a few months! Such a cute wait to bring the kid into the world! The phase is such a lovable and cute phase but a fragile one too. It’s very common to be stressful during pregnancy. It is entitled to feel panic, frustration, and even depression at times. But it’s bad if the stress is too much.
Being a first time Mom you will be in complete tension. It’s okay to walk an extra mile to keep your unborn child from the negativity. So let’s get to know the effects of stress during pregnancy.

Can stress cause alarming situations during Pregnancy?

If the stress is too much there will be a problem to the baby! When stress arises the body goes into a plane mode. We get disturbed and stay clueless what’s happening to our body. When we get stressed our body releases a stress hormone. In Normal situations the hormones cause no harm and it subsides when the stress reduces. But if the stress continues there will be more release of the hormones and it can create chaos and can cause harm to the baby. These effects can cause
  1. Pre-term baby
  2. Sleep disorder
  3. Weight issues
  4. Brain development
  5. Behavioral disorder
Don’t get panicked looking at the list. I don’t want to give you guys a stress! I have come up with a list which helped me during my pregnancy to be stress free.
  1. Eat balanced diet and in right intervals.
  2. Exercise regularly
  3. Listen to good stuffs
  4. Read more about baby
  5. Practice hypnobirthing
  6. Meet a professional if you need further help

Eat balanced diet and in right intervals

There is a concept called stress eating so have a watch on it. Try to plan your meal ahead and eat in regular intervals and in small portions. This will help you to stay healthy as well as away from stress.

Exercise Regularly

Workouts are a big stress buster. I made sure I walked at least 5 miles a day and had a fast walk. I also made it a point to do kegels workout. And did workout for at least 30 mins. This all helped me to be in a relaxed state

Listen to good stuffs

I used to listen to Quran during my pregnancy. If I feel I am tired or exhausted it was a routine to play Surah Al- bah-rah., Surah Maryam in specific and Surah yaseen. Al hamdulilah these all were stress busters for me and my kid 😬

Read More about the baby

Try Being updated with the data you have to protect your kid and yourself. Learn more about the body. When we are prepared about the situations which will arise during our pregnancy we can manage stuffs and we won’t fall in the trap to get stressed. Al hamdulilah I was able to get the facts about my body and how to manage the conditions needed to recover from the stress. To know more about breastfeeding check on here

Practice Hypnobirthing

Each and every mom will have thousands of dear regarding the labour pain and delivery process of the baby. Al hamdulilah I was ready for it by practicing few hypnobirthing techniques. Whenever I was in stress about the labour I used to imagine about my baby coming out to the world. Whenever I think about I would smile and even now I think about it at times. These all are the memories you see! Maa shaa allah Almighty has done wonders in the human life!

Seek a professional help if you think you need help

Don’t get worried and afraid if you feel you are not able to get relieved from the stress. Seek a professional help if it hurts you most. In the end it’s the life of you as well as your kid so please seek help when needed
Talk to someone like family, friends when needed. This will all help us to get stress free in shaa allah!
Pregnancy is not a piece of cake for everyone. Each and everyone’s pregnancy is different. For few it might be easy for few it might be full of roller coasters. Whatever it is keep a smile on your face and go with the flow. “Follow your instinct” this mantra will always help us to proceed further in relaxed mode.
Did you stress out during your pregnancy phase? How did you deal with it to de-stress ? Share with us and it might help the new mommies to overcome the stress in shaa allah!


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  1. Definitely try to relax during your pregnancies. Your stress hormones will pass through to your baby. This is what I always tell pregnant mothers. Great tips for remaining calm sis.
    Jameela recently posted…Welcoming An Intensive Care NewbornMy Profile

  2. Great stress reducing tips! Those are some nice surahs you suggested. MashaAllah. Thanks for sharing 🙂
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