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Book Review: I Love Masala ME

Disclaimer: I was sent this “I LOVE MASALA ME”, Bilingual book for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own.

I Love Masala Me the bilingual book is with us since January but it must have been in my hands from November. As you all know our Indian trip was all of a sudden so we missed to receive this book before we left to India and then it reached our hands in January. even then it’s a late review.

Author: Nikitha Gupta

Editor: Sachin Gupta

I Love Masala ME is a book for the masala kids around the world. It’s for the multicultural families and yes as the author claims the kids will see them in the story.


Joselyn and Amit are the protagonists of the book and they share with the audience the foods they like and they culture they follow with us.It’s bilingual both in English and Hindi. They try to tell the readers why love the “masala Me” in them . Joselyn and Amit are from two different worlds i.e. from two different cultures. So here they are trying to celebrate the multicultural identity they have i.e. the mere richness of both the cultures. This book is a celebration of culture and multicultural identity through food from chicken nuggets and chicken pakora, to gulab jamoons and doughnuts. I love masala me is a simple story that encourages children not to shun being different but to love it. In today’s diverse and divisive climate, self-love, acceptance, and inclusion are of the utmost importance, and what better way to convey this message than through food.

I always feel for any picture book illustrations have to say the story and I feel the illustrator has tried to do the justice.

What I like in this Book?

It showcases the life of a multicultural family. I am relating myself to this book because even I am an Indian and trying to fit in the multicultural family. The characters are also from the multicultural background so the kids whoever are trying to read them can relate to it.

This book teaches that the name of the food will be different but the core ingredients  are one and the same. I might like rasmalai and my daughter might like cheesecake just like an American but the main ingredient is sweet over here. We have seen many Americans who love Indian food like crazy just like they love Indians and vice versa.

When we moved into US for the first time the very first set of friends I had for myself were americans and I am in still touch with them. This book shows that friends are friends no matter what their culture is!

The second thing I loved about this book is as its bilingual its also transliterated so that this might help the families who read this book just to know the word in hindi can relate and understand.

You can purchase this book from amazon

Now Let’s Talk about the author

Nikita is a writer, author, blogger, and entrepreneur. Nikita is globally known for her multicultural lifestyle blog, Growing Up Gupta ( In which she and her husband, Sachin, share stories of interracial/intercultural dating and marriage, multiracial and multicultural parenting, fusion recipes, and more.


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