How to raise your children to be good Muslims?

Raising children is a delicate thing at all generations! It’s not so easy. It involves long days, sleepless nights, thankless tasks and the constant, unanswerable question of “am I being a good parent?” The already difficult task of child-rearing becomes even more complicated when your cultural or religious practices or ideologies differ from those around you.
We are now in a phase where we are moving globally in becoming a global citizen
So the world is with too many backgrounds, beliefs, and practices and it’s our duty to analyze and teach our kids to be a good ummah in shaa allah
If you need a good person as your kid with a good thought, a helping nature adult, following Allah’s guide to the T. then the only thing you can do to get this is by praying to Allah! Only he can do wonders! Pray to Allah for a wonderful child who fears of Allah
Pray to Allah for an obedient child who is able to analyze the actions and results
Pray to Allah that your child should treat elders in a good way
Girls should be taught how to protect themselves and they are not an exhibit to showcase them as an object!
Girls should be taught to fight for their rights if it’s permissible to what Allah says
Boys should be also taught to respect women just like our prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did
But boys are pictured in media that they smoke tease girls so in the end they think girls are a fun object for them!
This condition has to be changed!

I have come up with few tips on raising kids as a good Muslim mainly but these are also in general! Even my non- muslim friends can learn what Islam tells us!

Let them know that they are loved

Kids should understand the concept that they are being loved by mama, papa and family. Family is with them when they do things right.
To instill the behavior of loving everyone from young say them stories about our prophets starting from the Adam (A.s) till our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). These are our superheroes.
By hearing the prophets stories again and again they will get to know our duty towards the earth is to love everyone near and dear. This will instill peace and nothing else! Alhamdulilah
Day about our last Prophet Muhammad(Pbuh) who prayed to Allah for all of us even without seeing us! Isn’t he great? Seeking dua for a person who hasn’t seen the ummah/followers who will be coming centuries after centuries his death!
This will make the kid understand seeking dua is important and Allah loves everyone in the world so we should love everyone and peace should prevail in this earth!

Speak to Kids with Respect

Please be kindful to your kid. Before conveying a matter to your kids gain their trust.

Be a role model

It’s a right of every Muslim child to have good habits. They must be good examples for instilling good nature within them. If you need good habits in your child you should make it a point to practice so the kids will follow you.

Attachment Parenting

It’s a right of children to be loved. This begins from the moment you have the child in the womb. It’s usually said to read Ayatul Qursi daily to the kid. It’s because babies in the womb has to hear about good things and get attached to the mom and dad!
The western world once away from the breastfeeding are fighting to normalize breastfeeding now.
If we clearly follow what’s in Quran we can live with peace alhamdulilah
Caring and affection with quality time is a must
A parent must know how to handle the kid without being harsh to them
We should understand that we are a mirror if we are kind our kids will also be kind in shaa allah



It’s the right of every child to be educated in both deen and Duniya. Many of us agree to give the education to our kids but we forget to give them islamically! In shaa allah make a promise to give Islamic education to your kids!

Creating an Islamic environment at home

It’s right of a child to have an Islamic environment at home. So let’s discuss about the Islamic environment here.
If your house is filled with prayer rugs, Quran and hangouts of Ayatul kursi, surahs without being used then your home isn’t Islamic environment.
When you have all these touched and used regularly then it’s an Islamic environment
These are the few tips which I have thought and compiled for your use about to raise a good kid according to Islam! Some might get positive thoughts from this some might think we have been doing this what’s special about it?
I might be helpful for some over here! Please do share with us if you have few tips which you are following to raise your kid as a good mumeen!


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