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Author:Heba Subeh Hyder

Illustrator: Aatena Hassan

How Much Does Allah Love Me, is the first in a new series of books ‘Maymunah’s Musings’.

The protagonist is a small girl who has thousands of queries around her. She Loves Allah and she understands that Our Creator is Allah and Allah loves us back too. But She has her queries and being a curious chap she decides to pose the queries to her mom who is her first hero, Alhamdulilah.

Her Mother explains to her all the ways that Allah loves her from his signs.

Always in a picture book illustrations also has to say the story and the illustrator has done justice to it. All things that young and old are familiar with.

This is a story of Love, knowledge and family; the bonding, the ties in a relationship Alhamdulilah.

I like the book  for my own reasons.

It’s not a traditional Islamic kids book. I loved the fact that the mama wearing a hijab and Maymunah doesn’t. This shows that we don’t force anyone to wear hijab when the person understands wearing hijab,abaya is fine and when they are ready they can wear it. Her family seem to be made up of different races which is a theme through alot of books I have read from Prolance Publishing and is much needed.

Though this book aims at young girls as you can see lot of things happening around in pink. Eventhough you don’t like to state by colour it’s a girl thing i guess. As Im a mommy of a girl I dont know what a mommy of boy would decide on? But I would recommend this book for both the kids, In shaa allah.

From a young age kids are asked to respect Allah and fear Allah with the stories we say but Alhamdulilah this is a pilot approach to understand how much Allah loves us!Kids will love it for sure in shaa allah when they relate to them.

Afterall Allah is Al Wadood. This is a geat story to teach our children this beautiful name of Allah and help them to understand how to see the signs of Allah. To ask questions and know that Allah loves us more than even our parents.


This book is available to buy at Prolance Writing


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