Language and culture are deeply rooted to each other and they are like the kids of a family. It’s a tool to convey our cultural heritage and culture in general. Languages should be learnt with love. Many families neglect to teach their own mother tongue to their kids in the current scenario. Whether a family is within the state,Country or not they prefer other language compared to their own mother tongue. So the kid is not ready to learn and gain history from his language. Now we are no more a citizen of a country we are global citizen and I do agree we should raise our kids to be a global citizen and hence we concentrate on English for communication but we forget the fact that we must communicate within our Neighbour’s too. Parents should motivate kids to atleast have the basic ability to speak, read and write. Only when they know to read and write they can read our literature in future to know more about their mother tongue, the richness of the language. The kids will not loose their cultural identity even when they are surrounded by the westernization society happening each and every moment around you.

Language is the roadmap of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.”

Teaching a language isn’t alone necessary while teaching a language it’s important to teach why that language is important and the cultural background that the specific language has. These are just symbols to the non speakers of the language but when you teach the language to the kids explain them why those symbols have a meaning in their lives, the culture behind it, the heritage behind it! Most parents, however, are understandably not natural teachers and this article serves to show you the fundamental link between language and the culture to keep in mind while teaching your children Your mother tongue!

To Communicate with others in your extended family

The main thing would be to speak with your own family members! I do agree, English is the common language right now to communicate all over the world but the communication within their own family can happen only when they get to speak with their own mother tongue.It is through this basic interaction between fellow mother language speakers that allows for the cultivation of cultural knowledge within the community and for the continuity of cultural traditions. Only when the culture is taught the language lives without the loss of the culture.

 To read about our Culture

Only the written material will speak about the culture, history, belief, practices, lifestyle, cuisine and all other aspects of that language. When read in our own language we get connected to it more when compared to the commonly spoken Language. We can argue that the transliteration and translations are easily available but when we get to read in our own language the true meaning is conveyed and the authenticity of the content is maintained only when its in the language it has to be in!

In this digital age, the tools to teach Our mother tongue and our culture are readily available at the click of a button. Using mainstream devices such as smart phones, computers, laptops and tablets, you too can ensure that your child doesn’t forget his history and speciality of his cultural identity. It is up to us to make sure that our language and culture lives and it flourishes more and more globally!