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How Babywearing Helps the NEW PARENTS?

Congratulations mommies for welcoming a new member in your family. Glad you hit this space to know about the Babywearing world!! This world has too many options to decide from. I am just warning you guys if you get the hang of babywearing you would love to own all the carriers in the world!! Our postpartum phase will tempt us to get each and everything  we like which is cute!! We would imagine ourselves in each and everything you see!!
I had a craze on babywearing when I was in my teens looking at my cousin who was wearing her son in a picture. They are in canada. So it became a dream for me to wear my kid when i get one. I lived the moment. I wore my daughter from day 30. I even wear my daughter who is 2 years till now al hamdulilah. It’s a blessing actually.
Glad I started researching on the in and out of babywearing when I got to know that I was pregnant with babyA. I had a humble stash a ring sling and a soft structured carrier!!  Enjoyed the cuddles, hugs from my baby! Even now when she is sick she brings her sling. She prefers her ring sling and I too feel comfy in ring sling nowadays.
The benefits of babywearing go well beyond those of having your hands free and calming an upset baby.
Doctors agree to the fact that infants thrive through touch; “wearing” your baby is a positive thing to be in a relaxed state. Being a new mom obviously you won’t be able to hold her the whole night sleep! You might even have a fear in dropping your kid in sleep. One stop solution is babywearing!!I give you few advantages of babywearing. This will obviously help you to decide


Newborns will cry for everything. This is a norm. Crying is a mode of communication. But they cry when they don’t get the comfort they got within the mother’s womb. Pregnancy is considered as 3 trimester but first 45 days with newborn is considered as the fourth trimester. Till they get settled with the current environment they will need mom for everything. They would like to feel the warmth of mom most of the times. A mom who has given birth will obviously sleep deprived, tired. So she needs some tool to hold the baby continuously. Babywearing helps as hands will be free and mom can do other tasks as well as take care of new born. As they are on the chest of mommy the babies can hear the heartbeat of mommy which they would have heard when they were on the womb which gives a emotional support the baby to get adjusted and they cry less.!!


A new mommy will have thousands of confusions within mind regarding baby. She has to depend on others as she will need to attend the kid all the time. With babywearing multitasking comes and she gets confident in handling things all alone. In my case I have a fear in using escalator. I use steps whenever possible else I wear my daughter so that I can do things without fear.

Healthy babies

It is said that the newborn should be close to the breasts so that mom secretes more milk for the baby. We can’t obviously sit with the newborn for hours without doing any other chores. But with babywearing you can nurse your kid and do the tasks simultaneously. This in return gives healthy babies. Doctors do advise the premature babies to be worn till they get accustomed to the new environment, till they gain weight. The more the close the baby is to mom he/she can hear the heartbeat of mom and breathe of the mom so that the kid can get well soon!! Be healthy as the mom and dad requests from almighty!!

Any caretaker can babywear

Not only mommies anyone in the family can babywear. Mommies need a break so the other family members can use the opportunity to cuddle the baby and be relaxed without worrying to handle the baby


Babywearing enhances speech development; when worn baby is with mom and the baby sees things from mom/dad s angle. Your baby hears your voice as you talk to others, picks up on your emotions, and trusts you to provide safety and comfort.
It’s a common statement by most of the people that you spoil your child by keeping close to you. No it’s actually the other way round the more you keep your baby near you the more is their comfort!!
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