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Book Review- Hide and Seek Under the Sea


We happened to visit aquarium twice with babyA and she enjoyed both the trips and I wanted to continue the memory within her in some form or the other. As a mommy who was in search of the ideas to keep her stuck to the Under the Sea theme found a beautiful Hide and Seek book based on the theme which attracts each and everyone. This book is a wonderful resource which can be used for the introduction of the crab, octopus, shipwreck, dolphins and so on. And as I expected she was able to enjoy the colourful stuffs in the book. This is a must read book now when we are bored as she brings and give it to me.

What I love the most?

  1. Lovely illustration [Simple words and introduction of characters in a wonderful manner as well as enjoyable way]
  2. It is a great base for the sea creatures.
  3. This book is a helping tool to create a guessing game with the baby and builds the excitement within them
  4. Luckily the US Stores have Live Fish market. This has helped BabyA to understand what crab is exactly. She can identify crabs. Thanks to this book.
  5. Through this we got to know about ball, play, coral reef, rock,cave etc., at a very young age.

I as a parent introduced Hide and Seek game through this book. This game has allowed us to explore our home and environment.

Just like the little crab, our little BabyA is exploring our home and finds out her mumma and papa in her beautiful home. At this phase where she has started to walk and run babyA is enjoying to explore her home and find out new stuffs in her home through hide and seek.

You can purchase the book here and I do highly recommend the book !!


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