Book Review: Here with You by Umm Afraz Muhammed

When Umm Afraz told us about the book she is about to launch I was excited and said I would like to get a copy of the book to give a review on the book “ Here with You”
So before we go to the review here’s a short summary of what’s the book is all about

Salma, a new bride who is happily married to her husband, moves into her in-laws’ house as part of their South Indian culture. A new life, a new beginning, and a new family in a new country. Staying in a place far away from her loved ones, with no one to rely on but her husband, she undergoes the realities of life living under the same roof as her mother-in-law. How will she cope with the lifestyle changes and the daily challenges? Will her dreams of having a good relationship with her mother-in-law come true? Or will she discover the dreaded monster-in-law?
Fatima wants to be a good mother-in-law to Salma and yearns for a good relationship with her. Life and time throw opportunities her way to prove herself. Would she take the right decisions and keep her best foot forward? Or would she succumb to her ego and cultural stereotypes?
This book is about the emotional tug-of-war between a daughter-in-law and her mother-in-law. Sandwiched between the two most important women of his life is Faisal, the son of one and husband of the other.
The story revolves around the lives of these three characters and the relationships they share with each other as they learn to stick together despite the ups and downs they face as a joint family.

So now here’s the review of the book!
The “Here with you” book is a fictional novel a treat for the ones who loves romance novels. It’s 278 pages and believe me you will be glued to the book till you get to complete the novel. The author’s writing style is good where she makes the audience to be curious till the end. So it’s a win for her writing style. It suits the genre!

This book revolves around Salma, the new bride who enters the family as a wife to his man, daughter-in-law to a mother-in-law. Here the author hasn’t portrayed the mother-in-law in a negative picture I liked that with this book.
The mother-in-law can’t be said bad but trying to follow Islam just like each and everyone of us and having some flaws to clean up!

The author has also spoken about remarriage which clearly mentions Islam supports it a strong message to be given to few old school of thoughts people!

I liked the anger in the character Fathima(mother-in-law) when she gets to know that her husband did a mistake which isn’t allowed in Islam! And the prayers and duas she asks almighty to forgive them! This proves that she isn’t a negative character.

I came across the chemical pregnancy only here. This was a learning for me for sure. When the protagonist cried and longed for the baby it shook my heart and I thanked almighty that I haven’t experienced this moment in my life Alhamdulilah

I guess the author is able to connect each and every writing in this book with the audience. This is a success for her writing alhamdulilah

The one concept I loved in this Book is there is a sheer honesty with the story.
Each and every character has been pictured in both the ways that means situation played a role with them being portrayed good or bad and in the end every character involved is a muslimah who is struggling to be in good books of Allah; subhanallah

The novel explains the concept of Allah is the best planner and he knows how to lead things!

I was connected to each and every incident of the story. The author has told everything about a Muslim family in and around and the idea is a refreshing one for sure!

I completed the book in a one sitting as the pace of the story was to my liking .

I definitely recommend this book to halal romance lovers and Muslim contemporary readers.

While speaking with her regarding the next project she said it’s also something similar to the same mother in law daughter in law relationship but a different angled plot! Waiting to read the next novel of hers in shaa allah!
May Allah bless her for the work she does!

My rating would be 4 for 5

You can get this book from these places!
Author-related links:

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Happy Reading!!
As you have read this I felt you guys might be interested in this book on the relationship with the daughter In-law and Mother-in-law by Sr.Nafla


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