How to Celebrate Green Ramadan – One Step at a Time!

Alhamdulilah couldn’t believe my eyes we have completed One week in this month of Ramadan. Many of you would have known that Ramadan is a holy month for us Muslims. The ones who don’t know what Ramadan is! Let me give you guys in a brief about Ramadan.
Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar and lasts 29-30 days. Ramadan means “scorching” in Arabic and most commonly falls in the summer. This is a special month for Muslims as this was the month Quran was sent to our Prophet Muhammad (a.s). Like any other month in Islam, this month also starts with the sighting of a Hilal (new moon).
In the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. This process continues until we see the new moon of the following month and celebrate Eid.
During this time, we Muslims mainly concentrate on seeking forgiveness from the Almighty and pray to thank the Almighty. This is the month in which we converse with the Almighty the most. People also try to concentrate on good deeds more than usual!
As said earlier people eat before sunrise and eat only after sunset. So mostly people make lavish platters daily and waste almost most of the food as I feel it’s difficult to consume that much. I am not judging anyone over here but we usually follow a simple meal pattern in my family. Now we are going to the masjid regularly so I’ll share with you guys the steps we have taken at our masjid to go for a green Ramadan!
As we usually forgive a bad deed and move towards the good deeds this Ramadan I felt this is the time we can start thinking about the Green Ramadan!
Green Ramadan means concentrating on the green lifestyle. This green lifestyle will help us to improve the quality of life and achieve sustainable development. This is a perfect time to adopt this setup if we haven’t been doing things!
Let’s become a Role model for others to address the immediate effects on the environment in shaa allah
So I am going to share here about few tips you can use to be a turning point to respect our resources and environment.
  1. Go local. Support local goods and produce.
  2. Cut down the fast food and oil fried food. I know it isn’t possible at a go but try to go slow on this!
  3. Try to plan your meal with a proper nutrition.
  4. Reduce the water usage especially during the time of Wudu.
  5. Reduce the usage of the energy when not in use.
  6. Generate less quantity of waste. Try to recycle and reuse the stuff.
  7. Minimum usage of plastic bags/straw or please do try to avoid them.
  8. Try to use the dishwasher, washing machines during night times so energy consumption will be less.
  9. Plant a tree and taking care of them and involving your kid to respect the earth who has done so much for us.
  10. At the mosque try to avoid disposable cutlery, plates and start using the reusable stuffs. If it doesn’t suit the budget go with the recyclable plates, cutlery sets.
  11. Try to eliminate the styrofoam containers and plastic cutlery.

Now Let me share with you why Green Ramadan is important?

Allah has commanded us in Surah Al Araf [7:31]
O children of Adam, take your adornment at every masjid, and eat and drink, but be not excessive. Indeed, He likes not those who commit excess. (7:31)
It’s said that every year we waste a lot of food which can used by the poor countries. So instead of dumping them in the bins we can pick what’s necessary for ourselves. Let’s try to eat what’s needed and not what’s we are wishing for!
Styrofoam contains styrene which is classified as a potential cause of cancer by the EPA.
It’s said that it takes a long to degrade this styrofoam. Imagine the time it takes to get it decomposed. It atleast takes more than a year to degrade Styrofoam.It is a well-known fact As the caretakers of this planet, as ordained by Allah (SWT), it becomes our obligation to make every effort to conserve and protect our resources. Therefore, at our local masjid which we are going to we have planned and following few practices this Ramadan.
At our masjid we host Iftiars on a daily basis so imagine how much of disposables, water bottles, etc., coming out on a daily basis. This year we ladies decided on few things to control them. It isn’t possible to eradicate disposables in a stretch but Al hamdulilah we have taken baby steps to try to preserve our resources.
This is the banner I created for the masjid this time!
  1. We have asked the people to bring their own reusable bottles, reusable mugs to use them during the stay at the masjid.
  2. Conserve water during Wudu which is the tradition of our Prophet (pbuh). It’s recommended to use 750 ml of water to do Wudu!
  3. Use quick degradable/paper products for iftars and not Styrofoam cups and plate
  4. Recycle material, especially plastic water bottles.
  5. Few sisters have decided to use reusable plates to eat their meal.
So this is how I have planned with other members of our community masjid to go green this Ramadan.
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If you are interested in learning more or getting additional ideas on helping your lifestyle to change in a positive respecting the environment I’m here for you. You can reach me through any of the means in shaa allah
I hope you enjoyed this article and if at all you are in instagram tag me at @alizehmysoul and us the hashtag #amscommunity so I can see you enjoying my activity too.

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  1. The Ramadan is the greatest month than others month of the year .It brings huge fazilot and the sabekodor night is the best night than thousand of thousand night .It is the month of Redemption of sin. so, we should prayer more than more . I appreciate your blog .
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