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GrannyLove- Women’s Day Special

I feel happy that I could contribute something for the month of March!
But I am in a fix if I can present in a right way as when I am emotional my content goes for a toss😉 I am here going to share about my role model my amma (mom’s mom). She struggled a lot in her life to maintain her wholesome family of 10 kids with my grandpa’s single salary. To give education for her kids she sold off all the property she had and gave all the kids quality education equally and all are Central Govt and State Govt. Gazeted officers right now. In the meantime she did her degree in homeopathy with her tiny little kids even in those days where they had no much exposure or nurseries like we have now, if in case you need some help in child rearing. She won’t say No to anyone who comes and asks for help. She was very determined. At her early 70’s she managed to take care of my last uncle’s triplets. She did everything for them. Infact she held her breath to see them enter their school life. She has 21 grandkids and all of us were equally getting her sumptuous and lavish amount of love and care one could possibly get from a lovely beautiful Granny!! Those three tiny triple tots were the ones who made her breath strong and surpass three major health disaster she had to face in her 70s . Either me or my sisy would be with her trying to give back atleast 1/1000th of care what she gave us to nurture during her worrisome hospital stays.Mostly it was me because my sisy was doing her college studies far away. The way she behaved politely with so much hospitality and courtesy with the nurses, doctors, and the least cadre staffs made them awestruck and i still remember how those staffs would fight within themselves to take their turns to be in charge of my cutie grandma because she was simply a “state of art” soul !! Tears running down my cheeks writing this up now reminds me the nickname she had in that hospital – “rose paati” referring to the titanic granny !! During her very last stay she asked my mom to cook food for all the doctors, nurses and wardboy there with such an exhausted soul, pained body and faded tone! We all were broken down as the most confident iron lady had then Started to loose her confidence and started realizing she’s all set to travel back to her CREATOR . But we didn’t express our fears and tears to her as that would pain her the most. Then subsequently one point of time she became feeble pulsed ,vitals dropping and very critical that made her to be shifted to ICU. She was supposed to improve slowly that day and doctors had given us some positive reviews earlier . But something made me feel disturbed and i walked to the spot where she was . The nurse came and said that my grandma called me. I was shocked and confused as my granny wouldn’t have seen me. As soon as I went in she kissed me and hugged me and said a final good bye which I never expected would be the last then. I shouted for help at the doctors there but even while counting her last minutes she asked me to convey thanks to each and everyone who attended her in the hospital and asked me to feed them all once. She smiled and left the world so fast in a blink of eyes whereas I was left out with a vacuum which is still denying to get filled up with any other emotions . My sisy being a doctor tried her best to bring her back. But in vain. Now through research i know about gentle parenting, engaging with kids but my amma did it well those ancient days like a pro and all her grandkids were brought up the same way. Its been a long time she left us but she taught me the value of love even in her deathbed. May Almighty ease her pain in the grave. Waiting to meet her soon. Missing her badly.
I’m sorry if I made your day sorrowful with my very emotional writeup but this was the only thing which came in my mind when i wanted to write something today!! And I know this handful of words is no where near her lifetime sacrifices and esteemed personality neither can I find any equivalent set of words to throw out a picturesque description to show the complete picture behind this phenomenal lady figure ever !!

With love ,
(the way she loved me)
A beautiful soul’s proud granddaughter .


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