Fun Fact about South Korea- Host Country of Winter Olympics 2018


The whole world is excited about the Winter Olympics right now. We have our opening ceremony in less than a week. I am really excited. How about you guys? I am sure you all  would be!!
This year the host is South Korea and it’s the first winter games they are hosting. Pyeongchang will be the Third Asian city to host the winter games.

South Korea is a small country with a huge amount of people. It has huge quantity of mountains but those are small compared to other mountains in the world.
So I thought why don’t I compile a list of facts related to south korea so that it would be helpful to know more about it.

  1. South Korea, a Sovereign state of East Asia is officially called as the Republic of Korea.
  2. South Korea is a small country with a huge amount of people and hence there is a scarcity of space in South Korea.
  3. South Korea is in EastAsia.
  4. South Korea has huge quantity of mountains but its small compared to other mountains in the world.
  5. Koreans are highly influenced by Confucianism, a philosophy of China which teaches morality and respect.
  6. South Korea has one of the strongest economies of East Asia.
  7. About 21 National Parks are available in South Korea.
  8. Tigers were more prominent in South Korea once upon a time but they were hunted by the hunters as they believed the bones has medicinal values.
  9. The official currency of South Korea is WON.
  • The official Language of Korea is Korean.
  • Han, Kum and Naktong are the major rivers of South Korea.
  • Flag of South Korea is called as Taegukgi.
  • Flag is a rectangular one with three parts in it such as a white bachground, red and blue Taeguk in the middle and four black trigrams.
  • South korea has a special region called Haesindang Park which is full of penis statues and they are famous for that.
  • Many of the Restaurants including Mc Donalds deliver food at homes in South Korea.
  • The citizens are obsessed with faeces and they feature a pleasant flushing sound, boackground music and coloured water.
  • South Korea has the largest market for plastic surgery in the world.
  • When the kids are born they are considered to be one year old in South Korea.
  • Minority of the population i.e. 3.2% is considered to be overweight.
  • Its legal to consume alcohol in public.
  • When a person’s name is written in Red in South Korea either the particular person is considered to be dead or will die shortly.
  • South koreans are popular for the crime re-creation concept.
  • Apple I-phones microchip are manufactured in South Korea.
  • Gangam style video is very popular in the world and more than 2 billion people have viewd it.
  • South koreans show off their relationships publicly and they love doing that.
  • World’s fastest wireless speeds on the planet are available in South Korea.
  • South Koreans are the maximum users of smart phone in the world.
  • South Koreans use Robot to guard the prision.
  • Pohang of South Korea is the first in the world to host the robotic prison guards.
  • Robotic teachers are also available in South Korea.
  • Baseball in South Korea is called as Yagu.
  • Sweet potatoes are the favourite vegetable for South Koreans.
  • South Koreans are classified based on their blood type during their birth.
  • Taxis are cheap and in South Korea and they are classified into two types based on the service offered.
  • South Korean roofs are curved in their ends to give a shape as a smile.
  • National dish of South Korea is Kimchi which has vegetables and spices which are fermented underground for months. There are approximately 250 kimchis.
  • Credit card users are maximum in South Korea amongst the world.
  • Crane is considered as a good fortune in South Korea.
  • Jeju Island of Korea has a tradition where men stay at home and women go out for work.
  • When a person lives for 60 years in Korea they are thrown a lavish party called hwangap.
  • Few South Koreans choose to be unmarried and those people are called as Big Babies.
  • Takewondo is the most famous sport of the country.
  • Men are obessed with the makeup items in South Korea and they are the world’s top consumers of skincare product.
  • Traffic laws are strictly obeyed no matter what in korea.
  • Korea spends a lot to get trained in English in the world.
  • Korea is a powerhouse of Technology.
  • Group blind dates are very common in South Korea amongst the youngsters.
  • South Koreans are afraid of number 4.
  • Clubs and bars are open 24/7 in South Korea.
  • Toilet paper is thrashed instead of flushed out.

** Opening Ceremony is On 9th February 2018 but the Competition begins on 8th February 2018.

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