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Few Tips to Engage Toddlers with Markers

When we have toddlers at home we will have Markers for sure. They love to be with Markers. They can spend hours with the Markers. I usually try to avoid giving Markers to her during winter season due to the mess involved. I hate giving her baths for multiple times in a day. But whom am I to stop her creativity? So thought to make it more interesting by adding few activities to the list. She enjoyed the activities which we did. But I enjoyed the most as usual. This is also a way to increase the Perceptual skills in the kid from an young age.

Perceptual skills are nothing but extracting an information where the data is organised in a fashion to get the meaning  of the subject. These activities which I am going to share with you will also help to develop fine motor skills and visual perception skills.

Color Matching

Place the markers without the caps on one side and the caps of the markers on the other side. Ask the kid to close the markers with their correct caps. This is best for Color Recognition. It is good for fine motor skill. The best way to improve the skill is to give more practice to the fine motor muscle. To make this more complex you can play with two sets of markers.

Marker Stacking

  This marker stacking is an idea developed by my daughter maa shaa allah! I handed over the markers to her for free play and babyA came up with counting the markers and suddenly she started to stack up the markers. I used this opportunity to give her some practice in math skills so I asked babyA to stack that much markers to the number I call for. For e.g. If I call out number 3 she has to stack up 3 markers. Maa shaa allah we enjoyed doing this.

Colouring the Playdough

It’s easy to make playdough at home and you can ask your  kids to  help you in making a playdough and then handover them markers and playdough. The kids will do the rest. The will use all their creativity on the dough. Kids might draw stuffs in the markers, write their names, colour it and suddenly they might want to see what happen to the colours when they squish the dough. Do share with us what your kids did in this activity.

Line the Markers Side by side

   Place the Markers in the bin side by side. The markers can be arranged in a manner such that few in between can be kept opened. When a marker is called out the kid has to say if it’s open or close! This can also be played in another way where the kid is asked to take a closed marker and say the positioning of the marker, and recognize the color of the marker. This will be fun for sure.

Memory Game

Place the Markers on the bin/tray. Ask the kid to look at the markers carefully.  Ask the kid to close the eyes and then remove the marker where the kid has to say about the missing marker. Isn’t it cool?


Do you need some other interesting stuff to do with kids? Please do scan through the blog to find some wonderful stuffs.

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