Few practical steps to encourage your toddler to speak

When babyA was a baby people near me were like your daughter is a rockstar she will speak soon! Few said she needs help as you guys are in nuclear setup. They confused me a lot being a First time mom! I was confident that my daughter will speak in a regular phase but when people around us keep on saying the same thing I went mad and was about to dance to their tunes! We were happy that our daughter spoke around 10 words at 16 months but when the benchmark was around the 50 words I was in fear if I am doing right!
In fear as a regular human being googled about it and it ended up in negative results but one result gave me a spark. I was confident that my daughter is in sync with the age! She can show stuffs and addresses what she needs. She was able to communicate what she wants for? So I tried few steps which encouraged my daughter in speaking more!
  1. Expand the toddler’s communication
  2. Narrate the action of the toddler
  3. Talk talk talk
  4. Give them an opportunity to talk
  5. Hear them speak
  6. Trust them

Expand the toddler’s communication

It’s not that hard to expand the toddlers communication. If your baby is pointing something instead of getting frustrated say what it is! If your kid is pointing a ball, you can very well address the ball as yay! Here is your blue ball! And then you can explain it is circle in shape and you can lead it as we can throw the ball and catch it! This is how we can expand the communication

Narrate an action to the toddler

While you are doing an action like doing laundry or cooking, you can narrate the whole process to the kid it will make him/her to get the attention and speak on it!

Talk talk talk

Talk with the toddler a lot. Talk when you wear shoes, wear a jacket or when going out on a nature walk. Don’t miss an opportunity to talk with the kids. This will help the toddler to gain the confidence to speak lot.

Give them an opportunity to talk

When you speak with the toddler allow them also to talk. Ask him/her options so that it will give an opportunity to talk. For instance if you are getting ready ask the toddler what he/she wants to wear? Ask open ended questions it will kindle them to speak.

Hear them speak

This is also an important factor. Listen carefully when the toddlers speak. As they should understand the communication is a two way conversation. The toddler should also gain your trust so it’s good to let them talk and hearing them speak

Trust them

This is the most important of all. Trust your kid and go with the flow. Try doing all these and have a trust in them. They will surprise you with lot and lots of sentences
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  1. Completely agree with you the more you talk, the more child talks. This would surely help new confused parents

  2. Deepa Rudraksha Jaisingh says:

    I know some kids are late talkers, but communicating with them through Talk and giving them an opportunity to talk will be really very encouraging.
    Deepa Rudraksha Jaisingh recently posted…Packing for Labour and Delivery- What is in my hospital Bag? From an Experienced MomMy Profile

  3. Getting our babies trust and making them confident that we are all ears to them helps a lot.Great advice’s listed.

  4. Papri Ganguly says:

    In my case, talking and singing with her helped a lot. She spoke in sentences before she turned two.

  5. Trust on your kid is very important and that also give them confidence to speak.. Awesome tips you have shared..

  6. NEHA JAIN says:

    This post is quite helpful for first-time parents. You have shared some good practical tips.
    NEHA JAIN recently posted…My experience of ‘Palm Oil Gourmet Delight’ Food Hunt EventMy Profile

  7. I agree to each and every point you have mentioned here, the more we express the better our child will respond to it. Taking cues is good for parents as well as kids.

  8. Sharvari says:

    The more you talk with children the earlier they grasp. Assisting then with open ended questions helps them answer rather than point to things. Great job Mumma hang in there. The speech gets better with time and then there is no stopping them

  9. So true, we too had the same dilemma being in a nuclear setup. Talking and explaining all actions does help in speeding up talk and add to their vocab.. Great post.

  10. Nimmy says:

    Very much helpful for parents, especially first time parents. Our first kid started talking very late and we had unwanted thoughts during that time. Didn’t even realize what exactly to do! Let this post help the needy ones.

  11. Anita says:

    Talking to the toddler is one of the best ways to get them talking quickly. Very useful post

  12. Bushra says:

    That’s very helpful tips to introduce words to kids.its not easy task and you did so well
    Bushra recently posted…Announcing Newspack by — A New Publishing Solution for News OrganizationsMy Profile

  13. Neha Jain says:

    I totally agree with you, being in nuclear family I take time to talk to her and try she talks to family members on call . Thankfully she is a quick learned and learning words everyday

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